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Purchasing a Laptop for my boss

By yoga_blakshmi ·
Kindly suggest me a best configuration for my boss who is eligble for a LAPTOP, which must cost around Rs.1,25,00/- INR.

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Your best bet

by JamesRL In reply to Purchasing a Laptop for m ...

Is to interview your boss, and find out what he values. Some people prefer a larger screen (desktop replacement), some prefer smaller and lighter laptops. It is a very personal choice.


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Hedging your bets

by jdclyde In reply to Your best bet

Make a list of how the system will be used and what applications will be running on it, then find hardware that will run the applications.

Cost should never be the first thing to look at, but it should be a consideration. Saving money up-front by getting a cheap system will not pay off in the long run if the system does not adequately do the job it was purchased to do.

Not to mention, if YOU recommend too little of a system to do the job, YOU are the one that is going to look badly because the "junk computer you gave me"....

Also research how much memory is in it, and how much it can be expanded to. I would go straight to 4gig for any 32-bit OS.

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