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By ozric_vita ·

The company that I work for is in the process of purchasing Microsoft licenses for Office 2007 Std, Visio 2007 Std and Project 2007. The IT department from the corporate office suggested to purchase Software Assurance.

I've been getting several quotes from three companies: CDW, Dell and Insight.

We plan to pay for this software within 3years so SA is the way to go.

One of the price quote is much higher than the other two, a difference of $4000 (for 22 MS office 2007 std and 7 Visio 2007 std). I need to confirm that the three quotes are the same.

Has anyone run into something similar when trying to purchase MS software?

If you have purchase MS software for your company can you give me advice?

I've been reading about the different programs MS offers but I would also like to hear from people who have been in my spot.

Thank you!

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by jck In reply to Purchasing Microsoft SA

Rather than go by the vendor's SKU number, make your sales person give you the Microsoft product # for what they are selling you.

That will definitively tell you if it's the same or not. I know XP Pro x64 had several versions (ZAT-xxxxxx) that you could get.

That's the best advice I could give you. Good luck.

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quote given

by ozric_vita In reply to tip

I sent an email to the three companies to make sure I am being quoted for the same product, so far this is what I got.

Quote A
-Office Sngl Lic SA A 021-05339 1 Year (29828SEL)
Qty Unit Subtotal
22 $392.52 $8,635.44
-Visio Std Sngl Lic SA A D86-01240 1 Year (26**1SEL)
7 $219.24 $1,534.68

Quote B
22 $549.99 $12,099.78

7 $313.99 $2,197.93

Quote C
-M229976 021-05339 MSelect Office 32 Bit Win LIC/SA Single Lang
22 $404.30 $8,894.60

Coverage Dates: 01-Jul-2009 - 30-Jun-2010

-M230333 D86-01240 MSelect Visio Standard 32 Bit Win LIC/SA Single Lang
7 $225.82 $1,580.74
Coverage Dates: 01-Jul-2009 - 30-Jun-2010

As you can see there is a big difference in Quote B vs Quote C|A

Thank you for your advice.

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