Purchasing XP Pro-64

By fadbel ·
This got longer than I intended, so I'll apologize now but, please read on:
I'm looking for a LEGAL copy of XP Pro 64-bit to do a clean install on my Pentium-D system.
My current OS, XP Pro SP2 is so screwed up that I can't do certain Auto Updates (Microsoft included) or even accomplish a system recovery ("...the recovery could not take place..." this message after re-boot) no matter how far I go back. I'm running the current Symantec anti-virus, have run the latest MS Malicious Software tool and other things and cannot find a reason for this behavior. I can't even run a "Detect & Repair" on the system (Outlook 2003) as it comes back saying "...the installation files not found...". My frustration level is such that I've decided to do a clean install but with a version of XP that can take advantage of my Pentium D.
I'm not ready to jump into Vista yet (the check program I ran doen't like ANYTHING about my current hardware or software.) and I figure I might go with XP -64 since its been around a while.
I've already seen two sources for XP-64 but I need to INSURE a Fair price and a FULL, LEGAL physical copy. Then I have to find all of my original installation sources so I can re-install when I'm ready (what a JOB!!!).
Can anyone direct me to a source for XP-64?
I live in Anaheim, CA and I may be near a supplier that you can recommend.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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some things to note

by w2ktechman In reply to Purchasing XP Pro-64

try scanning the HDD for bad sectors.

If you find a lot of bad sectors, replace the hdd before continuing. It looks like there were a lot of issues, so it may be a failing disk, but then again, maybe a refresh will be fine.

XP pro 64, I have not used yet, but that was one plan for a new system I am building. But, take note, XP prices have not changed (dropped) yet. So competitive pricing is still expensive. DO NOT take note of thos places that offer a non OEM copy for $20-90 (I got one yesterday offering Vista Ultimate full (non OEM) for $79). This is most likely a scam.
I loooked around last weekend at a few places, and XP was the same price at each. So I doubt there are many real deals out there yet. Find a trusted store and purchase it from there, or give MS more money and buy direct from them.

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Yeah, I know what you mean

by fadbel In reply to some things to note

I've been feeding Microsoft since Gates was a baby! I think I'm responsible for making him a Billionaire :) .

When I put in the search in TechRepub, I got two hits, one for $79 the other for under $60. That's why I made some specific requests.
HDDs (I've got four active internal, 2 external) are in great shape (somewhat better than my 72 yrs) and I HAVE exhausted my ideas on the problems. Heck, I need an excuse to get rid of about 500 GB of old files anyway. Reformatting will definitely give me a "clean bill of health" on the internal drives. The sad thing is losing about 15 years worth of junk that I haven't looked at in about 12 years>>.
Thanks for your input.
Oh, both primary drives are 300 GB ea SATA.

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Yeah, I know what you mean CORRECTION

by fadbel In reply to Yeah, I know what you mea ...

I meant get rid of 500GB not 5.

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Before you even consider this step

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Purchasing XP Pro-64

Look up all your Hardware and make sure that there are 64 Bit Drivers available for it all.

Pay particular attention to things like Printers/Scanners/Sound Drivers as these quite often don't have the necessary drivers available and will not work correctly with the 32 Bit Drivers supplied for the 32 Bit XP Platform.

Depending on what you actually have you'll also need to look at TV Tuner Card Drivers, maybe even M'Board Drivers as well depending on the make as some do not come with the 64 Bit Drivers necessary to allow the system to work properly and for some Chip Sets there are no Windows 64 Bit Drivers available.

Personally I have 2 copies of XP Pro 64 Bit both the Release versions and I've yet to find anything that I can use them on and have everything work. Even if you can get drivers for all your hardware which is unlikely you'll then run into problems with the availability of Software that you can install and have work correctly.

XP 64 is nice to look at but hardly good for anything except small dedicated machines to do a specific job and nothing else.


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Well, BOTHER! I didn't even consider that!

by fadbel In reply to Before you even consider ...

And me with 30 years in the business. I MUST be getting old. Or maybe it's the retirement...:]
Thanks much for the input, but you've just might have given me a load more work...maybe!
The Pentium D DOES work both processors in XP Pro but I thought that since the 64-bit versions were made specifically for that (or was it just for game machines???). I'm only looking for performance gains anyhoo!
I've dealt with 64-bit operations on mini-computers in the 70s & 80s but we had machines sophisticated enough that you could hook up ANYTHING and it would work. Literally!
(FYI, the company was Interdata, later Perkin-Elmer Corp..)
I would think that the drivers for these devices could work if they were on a dedicated link for each processor leg.
Well, I guess I'll just have to clean off my system and re-load XP Pro SP2. I made an SP2 CD but there've been a heck of a lot of updates since then.
Any suggestions along that line would be appreciated HAL.

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GOD I just reloaded a machine recently

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well, BOTHER! I didn't ev ...

And the first download from M$ was 185 MEG on the Live Update site and then there where several more after that though no where near as big, that was just Windows as well and no Office Updates.

The list of things that are added after SP2 is now almost endless as we are up to .NET3 by now with the new Media Players and IE7 if you want that there is quite a lot involved in the initial Download.

I've yet to find any M$ Windows that work even part way right on the 64 Bit system though with Exchange 2007 only coming in 64 Bit now I've put some small dedicated machines into business to do one job only.

If you want to play with some good 64 Bit Systems you can always use Linux as they just work without a second thought and have done for a long time now SUSE 10 would be a good starting point.


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Trying Linux?? I donno!

by fadbel In reply to GOD I just reloaded a mac ...

Thanks Col (or HAL if you prefer).
I was one of the initial installers of Unix when it was brought across to mini-computers...What a convoluted mess that was.
I've worked with unix on PCs in later years but have never been exposed to Linux, though I was tempted.
What I don't know about switching is, how will that platform deal with the hardware and, especially, the software I'm running like Office 2003 and Quicken, et al.
It seems to me that I'd have to make a tremendous sacrifice to pick up on Linux compatible programs, if they exist.
I know what you mean about the number of upgrade parts and pieces since SP2. Maybe I can put in a request to MS for an updated SP2 download for "Slipstreaming"??? That would be the ideal method of doing a "Clean Install".
Since I'm retired and have no more contact with them, I think I'll be batting zero there.
If you can think of anything else, please don't hesitate to send to me.
Oh, one other thought. Maybe one of the other "BIG GUNS" with TechRepublic has an idea on the slipstreaming deal?
Anyone else reading this??? Please pass it on.

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by oakley_37 In reply to Purchasing XP Pro-64

i havent looked yet but i would say try or

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