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By santeewelding ·
How do I go about renaming items in the W7 Start menu?

Used to be that facility in XP. Not, that I can see, in W7.

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What things are we renaming

by mamies In reply to Pure, unadulterated lazin ...

If it is all programs it should be able to be done if you right click on it and select rename.

If it is the programs that are listed when you click start then if you right click, select properties and then under General you should just be able to change the name of it.


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Right Click then properties page then General Tab

by CG IT In reply to What things are we renami ...

but items like control panel... not a clue...

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control panels..?

by NexS In reply to Right Click then properti ...

Press the start menu and leave it open.

Get some masking tape and place it on the screen over the 'Control Panel' option, then write what ever you like on it.

There you have it, every time you press start, your control panel will be renamed.
Only one downside though...

EDIT: <i>Damn Capitals...</i>

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Discovered the downside

by santeewelding In reply to control panels..?

Writing was too small.

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Appears to me

by shasca In reply to Pure, unadulterated lazin ...

You can rename anything in the All Programs folder. All Main Start Menu folders are system folders as they exist.

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Thank you, all

by santeewelding In reply to Pure, unadulterated lazin ...

I had wiped all default that appeared in the left pane once having installed 7, and replaced it with just Firefox, Thunderbird, and Command Prompt.

Then, right-clicking, found no rename option. I put my concern aside for getting around to later, which is now, for which I thank you.

Everything is now hunky-dory.

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