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    Purge Messages past 90 days


    by stevehom ·

    My company wants to set up an email policy where all messages older than 90 days are purged from the Private Store. Can this be done automatically and if it can’t is there a way to do it without entering each User mailbox and deleting messages manually.

    I’m aware I can set a rule in each Users Outlook but the User can also modify or delete the rule at anytime.

    I’m using a single 5.5 Exchange Server running SP4. Our user committee consists of 100+ Users.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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      Reply To: Purge Messages past 90 days

      by hard_yakka ·

      In reply to Purge Messages past 90 days

      Method 1 – You can cleanup mailboxes manually using the The Mailbox cleanup wizard, just select the necessary mailboxes in the recipients folder, select the tools menu, then the “Clean Mailbox” Item, enter the age and away you go.

      Method 2 – (This is what I would do) I’m not going into exactly how to do this however you could use the exmerge tool (Free download from Microsoft) modify the ini file to your requirements (You will have to change the end date field monthly) and create a batch file (and schedule) to automatically export the email. As a added bonus the exmerge tool creates .PST files of the exported email. You then have a backup of the users email when the CEO need that email back pronto.
      I use exmerge for backups. It works great.

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