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    pursue for sysadmin (mcse or unix)


    by prdl2001 ·

    i’ve 6yrs of experience in pc support and some linux and windows server admin.
    my background mostly came from pc support/technician.
    two years ago i planned for mcse and passed three test and stop.
    now in the future i’m planning to go for sysadmin job and i did lots of search and found unix sysadmin get more paid job than mcse.
    i do have some knowledge about linux/unix installation, small scripts and i’m still learning more.

    My question is interms of experience which road should i pursue to be well paid sysadmin career wise.
    if it would be unix what would be the step for me to have daily hands on experience as my current job is only pc support/technician.
    any thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


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      Your future..

      by matthew.chen ·

      In reply to pursue for sysadmin (mcse or unix)

      First of all you need to ask yourself what is really important to me. Most of us get into this business for all the wrong reasons; we tend to want to chase the all mighty dollar per say…

      The bottom line is don’t become a prisoner of a short term fortune, do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. You will be rewarded and recognized for your work because of your passion.

      Getting up in the morning and heading for work shouldn’t be a bad ordeal

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