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PUsers cant install system drivers..why?

By grifter_df2 ·
We have taking away the local admin rights for the users, and setted them up as Power Users.
We also have made it possible so only the hasched .msi packages we have builded can be installed via SRP.

My question/s is why are they getting errormessages when pluggin in:
USB flashmemorystick
Wireless keyboard into their computer?
Error message is that a network administrator must install this devises/s.

Strange..couse the .sys file/s they install is in the c:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder.
When installing as a system administrator/domain admin/local admin/ i get a messagebox that saying "this drivers is not signed by Microsoft, will you continue?". Its the OS drivers who isnt signed yet?
Im confused...

I must say all dont have this problem at my work, and we can find 1 device who everyone ( users) cant install as Powerusers, it switches from time to time and device to device..really odd..

So how do i solve this? any ideas?
I have tried to look@ technet forums and google for simular problems but i couldnt find any.
A former workassosiate told me that MS have this trouuble and it cant be solved, wich i doubt hard.

Looking forvard to the answears and thx in advance.

Mr G

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by curlergirl In reply to PUsers cant install syste ...

With such a broad description of your problem, it's impossible to offer any specific solutions. However, by definition Power Users cannot install device drivers in WinXP, only users with local admin rights can install device drivers. This has nothing to do with NTFS permissions to the %systemroot%\system32\drivers folder or any other file system location. It has to do rather with registry permissions. Power Users, by default, have no rights to modify anything in the HKLM hive of the registry.

It sounds like what you need to do on the PCs where there is a problem is log on as a local admin and install all of the missing device drivers first. Then your Power Users should be able to log on without getting these error messages.

As far as the "unsigned drivers" message, if the drivers are not specifically authorized by Microsoft, you will always get this message. This message doesn't prevent you from installing the driver, it's only a warning that the OEM hasn't taken the trouble to get their drivers tested and approved by Microsoft. This is very common, as many manufacturers don't want to have to go through Microsoft's approval process. As long as the drivers are provided directly by the manufacturer of the device, it is OK to install them.

Hope this helps!

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Thx Curlergirl..i have more questions...:)

by grifter_df2 In reply to

Power Users, by default, have no rights to modify anything in the HKLM hive of the registry.
Ok.. we have it also here.
My question is if we set the rights to HKLM for power users, read and write, what does that do, in securityeyes?
THey cant run regedit, or start/install other programs then we have approved from IT department.
Must we grant them permissions to read and write on HKLM and subdirectorys or can we specify the path the the device drivers folder?

My next questions i about the unsigned drivers problem we have.
Is there a workaround for it? Its not a nice veiw for the users to get this message often when they plugin a device into the usb socket.

Sorry for my bad english, trying my best :)
I hope you or any1else have a solutions for me, would appreciate it alot, and thx in advance.

You can email me or add me to msn if you like.

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