Push start button, fan runs for two seconds then everything turns off

By ksc080 ·
Hello everyone. I am trying to troubleshoot my grandparents computer. It is a Compaq Presario SR2011WM desktop computer which has just recently stopped booting up.

I bought them this computer maybe two years ago and they only use it for email and occasionally paying bills. The computer was running slow last fall and I couldn't figure out why so I went with the classic memory upgrade (max 2 gig ram). For a few months this sped everything up and life was good.

Now, after they came back from a month in Florida, it will not even start. I press the button on the front of the case and the fan starts and then everything shuts down and it won't start from pressing the button again until it is unplugged or given a lot of time to sit.

I tried resituating the memory and switching slots to see if anything had come loose but this did nothing. I read some posts on here about similar problems and I am going to try some of the suggestions but at the same time if anyone has suspicions about what might be causing this I'd greatly appreciate your input. They live out of town and I will be visiting them next weekend and I am hoping to have a list of things to try so I can hopefully get it running as I only visit once a month or so.


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Sounds like dead powersupply or dead CPU

by Slayer_ In reply to Push start button, fan ru ...

Even a dead GPU could cause this issue, you will need to check all of these. I suggest starting with the power supply as you could probably even just borrow one from a friend and see if it boots the system. If its a dead CPU, your SOL. If its a dead GPU, then you'll need to replace it.

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Sounds like a over heating problem here.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Push start button, fan ru ...

Your first port of call will be the processor.
Here is a list:

1. Take out the processor and heatsink give them both a good clean. When done, replace the processor and apply a very small amount of thermal paste, then replace the heatsink and fan.

2. Take out the graphic card (if it has one) and press the power button on the case, you should here a few beeping sounds, if so power down again and replace the graphic card and boot up.

3. Take out the memory and power up the system, you should here a few beeps here, replace and boot up.

4. Go into the BIOS and go to the BOOT section and select the boot up devices as:
First boot device: cd/dvd drive.
Second boot device: floppy drive.
Third boot device: harddrive.
the Fourth you can have as "Disable".

Hope this helps you. :)

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2 seconds of runtime seems a stretch for overheating

by Slayer_ In reply to Sounds like a over heatin ...

Like I haven't tried this in years now, but when my old CPU's fan stopped spinning (too much dust) it would only shut down the computer under extended periods of load, such as gaming or large file copies (so many corrupted files lol). I remember I only found out when I restarted it and got PC health warning, so I played in BIOS and came across temperatures, Mainboard was 80C and CPU was 130C lol.

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Replace the Power Supply here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Push start button, fan ru ...

The Classic sign of a dying PS is the need to unplug it to get the system to restart. The Capacitors in it had died and th PS needs replacing.

I suggest Antec PS's every time If they can fit inside the case, as they are far Superior and offer far better protection to the internal components inside the case. I've seen then protect a computer when a Tree brings down the overhead Power Lines and brings the High Voltage Transmission Lines into contact with the Mains, the PS will sacrifice itself but protect the rest of the computer. With other PS's they will destroy the entire thing rendering the recovery of any Data off the HDD very expensive if it is required.



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glad I got one

by Slayer_ In reply to Replace the Power Supply ...

Works way better than that last PSU I had, also hooking up a power filter to my tower and monitor really helped as well, I notice my CRT doesn't bend the display anymore after it warms up and resolution changes are faster. And of course a serge protected plug. Now if I can get myself a cheap UPS I'd be all set. One that lasts long enough to put the computer into hibernation would be perfect :)

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Why dead PS?

by ksc080 In reply to Replace the Power Supply ...

First off thanks everyone for the suggestions. I read through them all and hopefully I can come up with a solution through your suggestions.

Relating to the post of OH Smeg, it seems strange to me that the PS would be dead. They hardly use the computer. Do you think it is just unlucky or a POS to begin with?

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Push start button, fan runs for two seconds then everything turns off

by jonrow In reply to Push start button, fan ru ...

Hi Tyler, i have the same problem. I was wondering if you had fixed it because i cant fix it myself.

Thanks you

Jonathan Rowley

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