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Pushing Calendar Entries

By greed ·
I need to push Meeting entries into multiple user Mail db without allowing them to decline. At first glance this did not seem to be tough. All I have to do is create an action button that cycles through the list of attendees, creates a reference to their mail db, create and save an appointment doc with values from my meeting entry.

The problem begins with the list of attendees. The field RequiredAttendees is not populated until you select Save and Send Invitations. This action sets thetmpAction field to "6" then saves and closes. All the save/closing events call events from another document object in a script library.

Having 6 in the tmpAction field does several things including reformatting the list of names in the EnterSendTo field and placing the list in the RequiredAttendees field. It also sends the email notification out to the people in the list.

I would like to do the above with the exception of not displaying the action bar in the notification email.

Hasanyone done this before? I would really like to avoid stepping through all of the scripted in the code library to find what I need.


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