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Put an Internet disaster plan in place

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In the latest Internet Security Focus newsletter, do you agree with Jonathan's assertion that companies must be as diligent when preparing for electronic disasters as they are when planning for natural or man-made disasters? Share your woes of electronic disasters with your peers, and discuss what part planning (or the lack of planning) played on the impact of the disaster.

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Plan for disaster

by John WM In reply to Put an Internet disaster ...

What is an essential tool of business ?

1. People (what is the use of data if there nobody to work with it ?)
make sure they can work in a safe place
- access control
- escape planning

2. Data - whatever this data may be There is a diference in 'meaning' for a IT person and a developer.

For IT data is bytes - they backing up servers, workstations, etc. , but they do not understand the business data, what it means, and how it fits together. In fact, they don?t care?it?s all just bits and bytes to them.
The developers responsible for supporting the applications need to care. You have been entrusted with the IT responsibility for the application, and you must ensure that it can be recovered in case of a disaster. Remember?operations will recover the data, but the developers need to recover the fully functioning application.

Whatever this application may be - DW - internet, whatever.

Ensure that you can recover the critical business applications tokeep the business running.

So, first safety of people - second safety of data and applications.
And testing, testing, testing ....

Plan a disaster recovery test at least once a year. It's to late to control your plan on the moment you have toput it in practice.


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