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    put in new video card


    by meridenscrafts ·

    Put in new video card, monitor doesn’t light up, monitor works on another computer. computer with new video card is running, fan, etc. beeps 2, then 2, then 2. can you help me? before I put in new video card, was playing a game. then I changed irqs, port. may have gotten ports crossed. Was trying to get my modem to work, it wouldn’t work, put in new serial card for mouse. mouse card and modem card would not work at same time.

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      by neos_101 ·

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      Without knowing more information it’s going to be hard to TS, for instance, what kind of PC? What kind of Motherboard on that PC? What kind of video card? However you may be able to find the answer on your own… Find out what kind of motherboard you have and you can look at the beep codes to tell you what the problem is… Other questions would be did your computer have onboard video and did you disable it… these are things we are going to need to know before Troubleshooting

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      by thechas ·

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      Since you are getting BIOS beeps, I suspect that the card is either bad, or not fully seated in the socket.

      AGP cards can be very finicky as to how they seat in the socket. If the board is up only a few thousands of an inch, some pins may not make contact.

      To check this, I remove the metal slot bracket and see if the card seats in further.

      Another possibility, is that the new card is NOT compatible with your motherboard.


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      by plexer ·

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      Make sure the AGP is fully seated.
      Remove your memory clean the contacts and reseat the memory.

      Have you tried the card in another machine to make sure it is working?

      Try running memtest86 on your memory as most bios codes are memory problems.

      Put in a PCI graphics card and check your settings for the AGP port i.e 2x or 4x AGP.

      Check motherboard manaf website for any reported problems with card and bios updates.

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      Reply To: put in new video card

      by meridenscrafts ·

      In reply to put in new video card

      The card works, the monitor works, it must be incompatable with the computer, how do I know which card will be????


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