Putting a printer on the network

By bob ·
I am a novice at networks so I appreciate any assistance anyone can be.

I have a set of computers wirelessly routed behind a netopia static IP gateway. There is a 16 port hub also attached to this arrangement.

The PCs all share an internet connection with no problem.
The problem is that I have a network printer that needs to be added to this network for use by all.
I look for the printer on the network, but it is not there.
What is the procedure for putting a network printer on your network?
Should the network see it just by plugging it into the router? Or, does it have to be assigned to the network somehow?
Told ya I was a novice.
Can anyone help me out? I would certainly appreciate it.

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Netowrk printer

by tonylewis In reply to Putting a printer on the ...

Without more details, you most likely have to assign a static IP to the printer. Make sure it's on the same subnet as your PC's and that you reserve that IP in your DHCP server so that it doesn't get assigned to some other node. Once you do that, you should be able to setup the printer on each workstation using the tcp/ip port by selecting Add a Printer -> Local Printer attached to this computer -> Create a new type of port then select "Standard TCP/IP port from the pull-down menu and click next. Enter the IP address under "Printer Name or IP address" and you can enter a descriptive name under Port Name, then click next. The rest should be self-explanatory from that point on.

Let me know how it works out.



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Network Printer

by Joe-F In reply to Netowrk printer

You beat me to it. At least we didn't contradict eachother. :-)

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Connecting an IP printer

by Joe-F In reply to Putting a printer on the ...

By default, most IP printers will use DHCP to grab an address. That lets the printer connect to the network but unless there is some mechanism to advertise the printer on the network, the PCs won't be able to see it but can print to it if they know the IP address. Normally, a server is what populates network neighborhood though the WINS service. You didn't mention if you have a server on the network. If you just have a few PCs, the easiest way would be to assign a static IP address to the printer then connect the PCs to it manually. In XP, you would add a new printer, select Local Printer (uncheck the detect plug and play), then "create a new port" select Standard TCP/IP printer port then enter the IP address of the print. Next you will either select or load the drivers as you normally would. To properly assign a static IP address requires a few steps. First, check whichever device is running the DHCP service (if you don't have a server, it is probably your router). Make sure that some addresses are excluded. Each brand is a bit different but, in most cases, you can simply change the beginning or ending address to leave some addresses that will never be assigned by DHCP. This avoids address conflicts. On some printers, you can set the address through the front panel. On others,it is done through a web interface. For this, you will need to find its current address. Again, assuming that the internet router is the focal point of your network, see if the router's diagnostics or logs will show you which devices are connected. You may be able to find the printer's address there. Some printers will also print a diagnostic page with their current network settings. Once the IP address has been found, plug it into a browser window ( ). Once you load the printer's admin page, you should be able to change the IP address.

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