Putting ISO on bootable flash drive for imaging

By tcfls2 ·
I have a Windows XP image that is in ISO form. I need to make my flash drive bootable and then get the image on there so that I will be able to image other machines from the flash drive. I haven't had much luck with even getting the flash drive to be bootable. I have tried a few websites, but when I try to copy the bootsect.bin file from a bootable floppy it just asks me to format my flash drive again. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Skip the flash drive

by Snuffy09 In reply to Putting ISO on bootable f ...

Download Daemon tools

Mount the ISO

Copy to CD

Install from cd


Copy the ISO off of the Flash Drive

Mount the ISO and Copy/extract the files back to the Flash drive (not in ISO Format then)Hopefully they will keep their correct format.

Good Lusk

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Still in iso format

by tcfls2 In reply to Skip the flash drive

I mounted the iso but it is still in iso format. I want it on the flash drive because it is two dvd's and it would be a lot more conveniant to carry around. Thank you for your quick response and help.

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No problem

by Snuffy09 In reply to Still in iso format

Yeah it is still an ISO, but when it is mounted it is seen by your computer as an external CD rom drive. fire up nero or some other disk burnig program to do a "cd" copy.

Or copy the individual files to the flash drive - like i said before im not sure if the will keep their file structure the same so u will be able to boot from it

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