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By onlineph ·

Guys I need your advise. Right now, I am putting together a bussiness plan to put up an internet cafe (test pilot) good for 10 stations as a starter. (1 server and 9 stations for gaming and surfing)

My problem is on what will be the best operating system should I install to my computers.

Can you please give me advise as to what window OS is the best and its version? Is there as OS that can be multiple installed for 10 stations. I mean an OS licenced for 10 stations like that.

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Sounds like...

by mamies In reply to Putting up internet cafe

We will be doing your assessment for you.

I would stick to the latest version of Windows (Windows 7) mainly because it is going to be supported the longest and so far my experiences have shown it is quite stable (I am sure others have had differant experiences tho). As for Licensing goes, you may be able to buy a volume licence for 9 machines, not sure as I have only used Windows from OEM licences.

For the server, depending what you need it for, I would install CentOS mainly because it leaves a small footprint and runs quite well. You can also install alot of services on it aswell but then it depends on your experience with Linux and what you want the server for.



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by seanferd In reply to Sounds like...

If you are going to be buying new equipment anyway, the OS will come with the machines. Win7 would be best.

You may want to go for the Professional version of whatever OS you choose, as it will give you better control over the systems. (And you <b>know</b> you will be wanting that. (<i>How do I allow blah blah blah while keeping my customers from doing yadda yadda.</i&gt

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by mamies In reply to Right.

Forgot to mention which edition of 7.

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