Putty for Network Systems IP

By bodibaski ·
Hi all,

I have some tasks which is to use the remote systems ip in my local ip. I would like to use the ip of my cousins' system which is in US using putty for my local system, so that my system will get a US ip.

Some of my friends using some technology to use the US ip for his local system using putty.

Please help me how to accomplish this?

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that's the hard way

by Jaqui In reply to Putty for Network Systems ...

but your friend in the us needs to have an ssh server installed to let you use putty like that.

the easy way, find an open proxy in the US and tell your system to use it to get online.

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by bodibaski In reply to that's the hard way

Thanks for the reply.

If my friend installs SSH SERVER, can i use putty in my system to use US IP?

If yes, please give me some details to install SSH SERVER.

THanks a lot.

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Why not

by seanferd In reply to SSH SERVER

ask your friends?
"Some of my friends using some technology to use the US ip for his local system using putty."
If they are doing it, they know how.

But why do you need to use PuTTY to get a U.S. IP? Just use a proxy located in the U.S.

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Proxies Restricted

by bodibaski In reply to Why not

My friends are just subscribed their US service, i am not wealthier to spend money, for this.

So i decided to use my cousins system.

Even my friends doesn't know the tech used.

I would like to open a website for my personal photography archive, to shown in US. But the thing is the webserver which i am going to purchase is not allowed outside US. They are blocking the non US ips.
They are also blocking Proxy IPs, dont know how they are using, my cousin lives in US, so i can use her system for my purpose.

Thanks for the reply.

Please help me if you could sort out this trick.

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