PV2 - Exclusive volume access?

By kris.willison_klm ·
First error was because my USB drive was not NTFS, so I got a new/larger drive & tried again.

I have gone as far as booting in safe mode, continue to get error that program requires exclusive file/volume access - even when no other processes were running.

Paragon Backup is great, shutsdown & takes control of system when it needs exclusive access.

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What is PV2?

by seanferd In reply to PV2 - Exclusive volume ac ...

If whatever it is needs exclusive access, it should offer an option to take control on reboot. If PV2 is not supported for the OS you are using, this could be the problem. Or perhaps it needs to be granted permissions in the OS before the OS will allow this to occur. Or, since I don't know what this is, maybe it needs to boot off of a CD or whatever, so it can do its thing with the target OS offline entirely.

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PV2 should be P2V

by kris.willison_klm In reply to What is PV2?

Sorry should be P2V, Paragon Go Virtual designation in creating a virtual drive from PC.

YES, should offer option to take control or instructions on how to fix problem.

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Ah. You may want to look at

by seanferd In reply to PV2 should be P2V

what you are including in the image, then. Things like the swap file should not be included in the image.

Looking at the instructions, it seems that P2V should take care of this - it only mentions selecting drives/partitions.

<i>Migration without rebooting Windows - Hot processing of locked (in-use) hard disks lets you migrate a computer without rebooting and interrupting Windows.</i>

This does not seem to be working, then. Perhaps do try with the OS offline, if possible, as this is also supported.

This is not a server OS, is it? You are otherwise within the system requirements?

You may wish to bring this up in the Paragon forum. You are likely to get a better answer, and/or indeed make Paragon aware of a hitherto unknown problem/bug.

I may just download and try this thing to get a better idea of how it is suposed to work.

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Migration without rebooting Windows

by kris.willison_klm In reply to Ah. You may want to look ...

I am doing this on a Windows XP notebook.

You select a file to convert & a place (external USB drive) to create the virtual drive.

The program DOES specificly say that it is excluding the pagefile & some other system file. Got me that even when I was running safe mode w/ -0- other programs it still gave the error. When I opened the panel to view open files, nothing was listed.

I sent the error logs to Paragon.

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Hopefully you get some resolution.

by seanferd In reply to Migration without rebooti ...

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