pwrsb LED on ASUS motherboard blinks intermitently?

By ggogeta ·

I am talking about the LED that says if power is flowing from the power supply to the motherboard.

Can anyone tell me what it means when that Led is blinking? I've never seen that before!

thanks for your help,


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Re: pwrsb LED on ASUS motherboard blinks intermitently.

The only other thing I can think of to try is disconnect all the disk drives, memory and cards. At this point, when you turn the power on, the BIOS, if the MB is good, should give you some beeps to protest the lack of memory and a video card. If you hear nothing, the board and/or CPU is gone. If you get a beep, install one stick of memory and the video card only. If it flies, then keep adding parts till you find the bad component.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Might need a clean..

Take off the processor and give it a good clean, then apply a small amount of thermal paste and replace, replace the heatsink and fan (after a good clean).
Hope all works out for you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Blinking LED

by mjd420nova In reply to pwrsb LED on ASUS motherb ...

This could be an indication of the power supply failing. Most power supplies have a built in circuit to protect themselves from shorts, this will interupt the supply when too much current is drawn. It could be sensing a fault and trying to reset itself. Isolating the drives would eliminate them as a cause.

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Most probably the power supply

by ggogeta In reply to Blinking LED

I've read that a blink is the power supply reseting again and again. I also had for some times a "too many current detected on USB ports, please fix this problem" error. Which another guy on a forum also had. Exact same issue as me. (psu + USB)

So I'll try with a different psu, and keep you guys updated,


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Which LED do you mean here

by OH Smeg In reply to pwrsb LED on ASUS motherb ...

The LED on the front panel of the one on the M'Board?

If it is the one on the M'Board flashing that is a indication that the Power Supply is faulty and needs replacing. Though it's not a very good indication as it will remain lit till the PS is in very bad shape.


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Found the answer

by ggogeta In reply to Which LED do you mean her ...

Well, I changed the power supply, and everything is fine now.

Thanks Guys.

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I have this problem also...

by phoenixracingoz In reply to Which LED do you mean her ...

...except it is the power LED on the front of the PC.

Fans etc work fine but there are no beeps, including the boot up beep. Screens stay black and no lights on hard drive or keyboard. Ram and vid card removed, cleaned and reseated. All peripherals removed and tested. Power LED flashes continuously for about 2 minutes and then remains steday. Still no boot up though.

Have searched extensively but found no answers. Hoping it is not CPU or motherboard.

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Well I think you'll find it's the M'Board/CPU Combination here

by OH Smeg In reply to I have this problem also. ...

But to check this out fit a Known Good Power Supply and see if there is any difference.

It could be that one of the Voltage Rails in the PS has either failed or gone out of Spec and is no longer supplying the correct Voltage or enough Current to allow the system to work.

You may also like trying to clear the BIOS and see if that makes any difference before proceeding any further.


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