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By Klingon ·
Ya know - I love the concept of the Tech Q&A. There is a TON of good advice on it. But, why do people post a question, a bunch of people post an answer (hoping to get some points), and then the dufus who asked the question never follows up!! I hate that!! Please, if you're going to ask a question in Q&A and offer points, FOLLOW THROUGH!! At least Reject the answers people give and tell them why! Courtesy!! That's all it is!! Otherwise it feels like a total waste of time.

Ahhh...Just another day in the world of IT.

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I agree, but same old, same old

by shiny_topadm In reply to Q & A

I've been reading this site since 1999, and the same things have always happened. I enjoy the challenge of finding a solution to problems, especially if it helps someone out. I've gotten some questions answered here, too. The trouble seems to be when people only care about their own situation and aren't interested in any feedback to/for the rest of us. Some posters seem to feel this is [paid] tech support and not a peer group. This does seem to have gotten worse, lately. Maybe it's a consequence of the site being viewed by more people. That said, I still enjoy "Q & A" and other parts of this site, too. -wr

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by Klingon In reply to I agree, but same old, sa ...

I do enjoy the T&A, i mean the Q&A, just wish more people would follow up..

oh well...(i don't want to bore Asyscokid)


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Yup, Same Old Same Old

by SyscoKid In reply to Q & A

There was a recent article and two previous discussions about it, I don't know if you saw them.

(You know the deal about deleting spaces from pasted URL's right?)

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only been a member here...

by Klingon In reply to Yup, Same Old Same Old

for about a month now, so i didn't see those.


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People won't give up points

by billc124 In reply to only been a member here.. ...

The problem that I find is that someone will get their question answered, and then the will not give the points to anyone. I usually post something to the person who asked the question when I see this happening. I think that there should be some wayto track this. If you don't go back to your questions, or give out the points, you should get booted off the service. But I guess all TechRepublic really cares about is Page Views, Hits, etc... Can't say as I blame them though.

Just my two cents.

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by SyscoKid In reply to only been a member here.. ...

Hey then, welcome to TechRepublic. I've been a member for a little over a year.

If you've checked out those links I posted, you'll see a lot of people share your frustration, me included.

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by Klingon In reply to Welcome

Ya wanna hand over, say, I don't know, 40,000 points as a welcome gift?


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by SyscoKid In reply to thanks

What, and let soulrider pass me on the list? No way! :)

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I'm with you

by petemcc In reply to Q & A

I think TR is a great site and I agree about the lack of courtesy that a lot of question askers seem to display. I?m new to IT and it?s a lot of fun to participate in the discussion process, I find it helps me to focus on real world tech issues and it?s a good learning aid.

I haven?t commented on many TechQ&A?s but the most common response seems to be none at all.

A lot (majority?) of the discussion forum topics are technical questions that would be more appropriate in the TechQ&A section, with points applied. I could suggest tech questions not be responded to when posted in the discussion forum but heck, it is fun to try to answer them anyway.


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I agree

by SyscoKid In reply to I'm with you

"A lot (majority?) of the discussion forum topics are technical questions that would be more appropriate in the TechQ&A section, with points applied."

I agree. I don't come to Discussions much, because it seems to me there's too much Tech Q&A and not many real discussions.

I suggested TR put something on the Discussions page suggesting NOT to post technical Q's here, but I never heard back.

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