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    [Q] How to plan E-mail policy for a startup?


    by swap002 ·


    I’m a from India. I’m a part of a software start-up. I’ve the role of IT admin as well as requirement gathering (business analysis). Right now we’re a team of seven people and we all are in ‘core team’. Now we’re planning to lay down a email policy for the company. I with my knowledge and experience proposed following things,
    1. Email access should be project and role specific.
    2. Communication to the outside world should be totally banned except when the role or project demands so. For ex. When the person is in marketing department or the project deals with clients where communicating with clients is necessary.

    Now about objections,
    1. One of us argued that he would want to use company ID for accessing forums because he doesn’t want to use two different IDs for same purpose. I can’t digest this.
    2. Someone else said, his company allowed use of personal ID at workplace for project related work. He could use his work ID at previous company to communicate with outside world.
    3. Someone can use even paper-pencil to leak the data. This is not totally wrong but efforts to leak?
    4. Start-ups are based on trust. Sure they are but confidentiality?

    Any help from the senior members here in this regards would be highly appreciated.

    They want flexibility.

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