Q: What commercial grade notebooks are available?

By etodmrz ·
I currently am servicing (as an onsite computer tech) 15 - 20 Motion Computing's LE-1700 notebook's for a doctor and the associated field reps/NP's .

These LE-1700's are 3+ yrs old and have seen A LOT of use/abuse. I must admit though after having been inside a few of them the LE-1700's are built tough. REAL TOUGH!

But as I said above, they are getting old, screens are scratched, body housings are cracked, inside electronics are old, docking station connections are failing as well as other plug in jacks (power and kb/mouse) are getting close to their MTBF! (some have
failed already)

Also from a technology standpoint they are becoming outdated.

The Doctor would like to upgrade the mobile notebooks as maintenance and availability of replacement parts is becoming impractical.Use of pens and the abilitiy to write (prescribe, sign, update, patient authorizations) on scanned images (tif's) is a current
major use and a necessity.

What can I recommend as options for upgrades at a commercial level and is the IPad a consideration?

Desired Options
120/12v charging
Pen/Stick operation w onscreen keyboard
Extra/Extended battery life
Rugged as ****
Ability to sign on sreen images with pen as stated above (software?)


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Really it depends on the budget

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Q: What commercial grade ...

A Panasonic Tough Book is probably the best available and will do everything you want

As for I Pads they are not Rugged or repairable easily so I would rule them out immediately. They are a Break in any form and throw away to all intents and purposes. Exactly what Apple wanted.

As for others I would look at any of the Business Class Note Books available not as tough as a ToughBook but cheaper.


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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to Really it depends on the ...

Also, you would probably be hard-pressed to find the applications you need for the iPad. And if these folks can manage to scratch a laptop screen, well...

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your suggestion

by etodmrz In reply to Q: What commercial grade ...

thanks will look into the tough book!

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your suggestion

by etodmrz In reply to Q: What commercial grade ...

Business Class Note Books

do you have any suggestions or just google the above

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to your suggestion

HP has a range of Business Class NB here

Samsung has this unit

The other makers tend to have their own ranges depending on what brand you like.


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