Q9550 shows two cores

By j-mccurdy ·
I have an EVGA 780i ftw motherboard a Q9550 quad core processor. four gigs of ocz memory[2 sticks] gtx275 video card. And windows 7 rc operating system. My operating system is only showing and using two cores instead of four. I also checked everest ultimate edition and it only detects two cores as well. I just payed a lot of money upgrading from a E8400 core2 duo. And I would like to get everything working. I don't know if it was working before But I think it was because my experience index has dropped a point on the processor part. I set my bios for optimized defaults. And then enabled raid 0, which I have always had. I'm at my wits end here,I was up all night working on this. I tried doing msconfig and clicking boot then advanced options it doesn't have the thing that says HAL. The number of processors option has only a choice of one or two processors. Please Help!!!!!!

I have automatic updates turned on. I have the newest bios.

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The number of processors option is CORRECT ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Q9550 shows two cores

Because you only have one processor - you may have 4 CORES, but they are housed within one processor.

What readout does the Performance [TAB] give you within Task Manager ?? You should select View [TAB] and select 'One Graph per CPU' - do you still only have two or, more likely, you will now have FOUR. :)

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RE Mycroft

by j-mccurdy In reply to The number of processors ...

Windows detects multiple cores as individual processors. On a hyperthreading processor It will detect logical processors as individual processors. My old pentium 4 processors showed two processors under device manager.
But I somehow got it detecting all four cores now, just not sure what I did. But my windows processor experience index went from 6.3 to 7.2

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Have you looked in the BIOS and

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Q9550 shows two cores

Made sure that it is set to support all 4 cores?


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Does Win7

by balge In reply to Q9550 shows two cores

even support four cores?

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Well Vista shows 8 with an i7 CPU and suitable M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Does Win7

So 7 should as it is a Developed version of Vista.


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You might not get the right cores to show .......Yet.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Q9550 shows two cores

Since Windows 7 is still in BETA mode.
Install Vista (if you have it)and run this, though you will need SP1 to get ALL the cores showing. If you do not have Vista then try Ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com/
This will get ALL of your cores working.

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I got it!!!!!!

by j-mccurdy In reply to You might not get the rig ...

I'm not sure exactly what I did, I tried so many things. Last night I opened device manager. Bam there it was, four processors. I then went to msconfig, and under boot options. And advanced is shows the option of 1 through 4 cores instead of only 1 or 2.
I did look on the EVGA site. And someone was having similar problem with vista. It said Windows would sometimes retain old dual dore CPU drivers, and you have to delete them. Windows may have finally figured it out. I also did a lot of reboots. I wish I knew exactly what I did, so I could post a solution for other people who run into the same problem.
I know one thing, my experience rating went from 6.4 with E8400 to 6.3 with quad core running on 2 cores. I then re ran it while running on four cores. My CPU score jumped to 7.2 Yay!!! If anybody upgrades to more cores, I suggest checking to make sure all cores are working. And if it doesn't, it can be fixed. A reformat is probably not a bad idea, It would probably eliminate the chance of this happening.
Everest ultimate edition is also now seeing four cores.
By the way I have been using windows 7 as my primary OS, since the first beta. I can vouch for this OS. This operating system really is the future. When I had a bad motherboard and was waiting to get one. I put it on an old 2002 Compaq, with a 1.5 gig first gen p4 with 768 MB of PC 133 memory!!! And a 32 mb old G force video card. I couldn't believe it, It runs better than it did with a fresh install of XP pro. It automatically turned off all the eye candy. No extra configuration needed. As far as vista I always had good luck with it. The first computer I put it on was an old dell XPS. It had a 3 gig p4 with 3 gigs of dual channel memory. And a 6800 GT video card with 256 mb of gddr3. But that is about the weakest system I would put Vista on.
But as far as Windows 7, It will work on most older components, but some may not work. But if incompatible components are that old it won't cost that much to replace them. One thing it wouldn't recognize was an old cheap off brand IDE to usb adapter. That was kind of annoying, but I'll live. One other problem with Windows 7- 32 bit is, if you have 4 gigs of ram with two slots occupied, it will not give an accurate windows experience score on the ram part. I have 4 gigs of OCZ 1000 mhz DDR2 PC8000 ram. But the memory score is only 5.5. This is obviously wrong, and it had the same score with PC 6400 @ 800 mhz. I thought for sure it would go up, but it stayed the same. I know it doesn't really matter but it still bugs me. I also tried enabling the SLI feature on the memory but I haven't seen any real benefit with that feature, seems like a gimmick to me. If anybody knows anything about it I would love to hear.
I know I got off topic, but it's my post originally so I'm allowed, LOL

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