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Q&A Questions: Haven't Felt Like It Lately....

By Joseph Moore ·
So, here I am, at work, bored. I work 2-10PM normally, to support our Asian offices, and to clean up any stuff left over from the folks in the morning. So, that is why I have been so active in the Q&A formus over the past 3 years.
But in the past few months, I just haven't felt the need to post answers. Guess I was tired of seeing the same questions over and over again (IE content advisor, lost Admin password, networking Win98 and WinXP, etc.)
But here I am, feeling the need to answer, and I've already taken care of 3 questions today! I guess I can feel the quickening rush from an answer well-written!
So, this really isn't a Discussion. I'm just ramblin' along tonight! Though I would say hello, in between questions.

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Hey Joseph how's things?

by Oz_Media In reply to Q&A Questions: Haven't F ...

I recently posted a discussion regarding some ideas for people in Q&A having the coutesy to at least rate a question and close it whether unanswered or not.

Your comments would be well qualified.

Just hanging out myself and decided to pop in and see what's been going on today.

Have a good one,

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by TheChas In reply to Q&A Questions: Haven't F ...


I almost always find your posts of value if not enlightening.

I appreciate the effort you put in to keep us aware of virus and related issues.

Like you, I have periods of boredom with the same old questions.

What I do, is skip over some of the standard "repetitive" questions.
That way I can concentrate on the questions that peak my interest. Or, where the answers are wrong or elusive.

Take care, and keep up the good work.


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Just a lot of things to deal with lately

by Joseph Moore In reply to Thanks

I appreciate the kind words. Life's just been tough lately. I'm getting divorced, which is sad, so my mind has not been on answering "I can't print" questions overly much. It hasn't seemed important enough, or rewarding enough.
But at least I feel good today, so let's capitalize on it!
And all this without any alcohol!

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Been there

by GuruOfDos In reply to Just a lot of things to d ...

And it isn't nice, whatever the reasons. Even a mutually agreed decision to go your separate ways becomes a nightmare when lawyers smell a nice fat fee!

Sorry to hear you're going through that. I just hope that when you emerge from the other side, things pan out ok for you. Keep smiling and just remember it DOES get better...eventually. Even Mrs Guru will tell you that, and she's an expert...I'm hubby #4!!!

Chin up old buddy :-)


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I appreciate the kind words

by Joseph Moore In reply to Been there

Thanks. I appreciate it.
I know things will be better. I am moving into my own place July 1st, a one-bedroom apartment that will be all mine. Pick up some new furniture, a really expensive expresso maker (that grinds the beans before it makes the coffee), my own TiVo, and maybe a new George Forman grill.
And just live for a while, responsible only to myself, doing things I want to do, and not feeling pressured or obligated.
Just live for a while. That will be great!
And probably answer questions some. ;-)

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Surprised you haven't passed me up yet!

by Joseph Moore In reply to Thanks

Chas, I admit, with my lack of output the past few months, I would have expected you to pass me up on the Top 5 list.

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Volume has been down

by TheChas In reply to Surprised you haven't pas ...


Even with both you and Max spending less time in the Q&A forum, I haven't been able to answer as many questions as you would think.

First the volume of questions is down by at least 1/3.

Next, we have several new peers who are actively participating in the forum.

Sorry to hear of your personal problem.

I often wonder what my wife and I have done right to be approaching our 28th anniversary.

Well, we did make sure I would never forget the date of our wedding. It's the day after my birthday!

May is going to be extra busy for me. My daughter is graduating from high school and getting ready for college.
(Don't know what happened there either. She is 10th in her class.)

Anyhow, I hope things start to improve for you. So far, all of my "transitions" have ended up being positive.


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Your priceless Chas

by Oz_Media In reply to Volume has been down

"Well, we did make sure I would never forget the date of our wedding"

You see the reason I am no longer married (OK one of the MANY reasons)is because even if we got married on Christmas day I'd still have fogotten about it(not Christmas and waiting up for Santa of course.)

I'm one of those guys who just does spontaneous suprises year round or special nights out etc. without a reason. When it came to the 'special' days I'm supposed to remember I would almost always forget. I felt that showing my love or showing that I was thinking of her year round would be sufficient, unfortunately, it all goes to waste when you forget that ONE special day.
(As it turned out, I was right. There was nothing special about that day after all.;-)

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Hey well at least you aren't alone...

by TomSal In reply to Your priceless Chas

Hey Oz, just thought I'd let you know I've been down that path myself. I too am the spontaneous kind of person with regards to that stuff.

And I too forget her b-day....

of course...there was a death in my family the same day....(I kid you not) and apparently that didn't matter.

Amazing the moments some folks bare their TRUE colors right?

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Ramble on - I know what you mean

by maxwell edison In reply to Q&A Questions: Haven't F ...

I went from answering a dozen or more questions every day to answering none. I'd guess that I haven't answered a dozen in the past year.


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