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    Qos Implementation


    by eng.sam.abdo ·

    i faced strange action really regarding implementing QoS on cisco routers,i have the following scenario:
    1-headquarter network with main policy router and databse and appliction servers
    2-100 remote branch that r using application from headquarter.
    3-number of the brnches are connected to the headquarter with VSAT connection
    4-we have GRE tunneling running between the brnches and headquarter with 128K fofr each tunnel..

    the problem i am facing is that i tried to implement end to end QoS for the application that remote branches uses coz they said its running slow..but with no real improvment for the performance!!i tried CBWFQ,LLQ,MQC,i implemented qos pre-classify command coz i have tunnels but i didnt get any enhacement,can anybody help me in this case?send me the proper configurtion

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