Qos over vpn help?

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I have two sites setup with ipsec vpn using nsa 240's at each location. Both sites have 3mbs T1 circuits and are connected over ipsec VPN. I have an ipbx at each location as well, they are "bridged" so they can dial internal extensions over that vpn tunnel. What is the best way to setup qos for voice over that vpn tunnel? So that when someone from site A dials an extenions of somone at site B over the vpn tunnel, that traffice would get priority over any other traffic? Im not utilizing any bwm at this time, but would be happy to set it up if it needs to be in place first before using the qos. Thanks for the help in advance

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sorry not enough information

by CG IT In reply to Qos over vpn help?

Quality of Service for voice traffic over the network is a device configuration on the router and switche that form the network. Since different equipment mfgs have different methods to configure QoS on their equipment, can't answer the question.

side note: you can't configure QoS outside of your own network [WAN link] if your using the public internet. You can configure QoS on the WAN if your using a private dedicated link between sites. How is a matter of the equipment mfg's method to configure QoS.

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