QR Code

By takuya_101 ·
I am wanting to know what over people think about replacing a the UPC codes with QR codes.

I've been playing with QR codes for a little while; I can see some good point and bad ones. First of which depending on the light a QR code might take longer to scan, but with a UPC and a scanner; it scans it quickly.
But that can be fixed with a webcam lit up with leds.

Still I must wonder if QR codes will ever go past, as just a marketing tool and be interrelated into buying and selling.

If you don't know what a QR code is, its a funny looking image that encodes information, a lot of details can be included in a QR code like: name, address, phone, email, description, price, dom (date of manufacture), expiry, URL, etc... Like RFID but it needs to be seen. Anybody with a mobile/PC, a camera and the right software can view the information that has been encoded into that QR code.

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Request for Clarification

by ZazieLavender In reply to Clarifications

Aside from the obvious hurdle of 1D barcodes being the standard; wouldn't that require more space on whatever product packaging? I've fiddled with them myself, and they are cool, but without high resolution cameras, it might be tricky to read a QR code if it's been miniaturized unless you've got the expensive enough equipment able to see that clearly to perform such scanning.

Perhaps laser based scanners will work though, I don't know.

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QR Code

by ceutronet In reply to QR Code

With today's tech it's easier than ever to read QR code, multiple apps in the iOS family allows you to do it, same with android, even blackberry has a built in QR reader. We been doing QR stuff for some time, if you want we can help you out...

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Reponse To Answer

by takuya_101 In reply to QR Code

I don't have any projects or planing any, but thanks for the offer.
I found on one website that with a QR code you could also create a SMS

Someone said before that you need a high resolution, but you could easily get away with a 1 megapixels camera for reading QR codes; but a 2/5 megapixels camera would work better and anybody can pick those up for between $10/$50 that's locally for me.

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it's big in Japan!

by Luke G. In reply to QR Code

Due to the capacity of the QR code symbology, it supports Japanese kanji characters well. It was designed, IIRC, by Denso, a Japanese scanner manufacturer, and is used quite a bit in that country. I know because I work at a Japanese company! :)

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love QR Code

by Iris_1990 In reply to QR Code

How can you say QR codes will ever go past. it's the main strain, and it will be.
you sad the speed of scan a code. i think it depends on the software you downloaded. try this

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qr code scanning component

by MARK102 In reply to QR Code

qr code is a two dimensional bar code which encodes data information horizontally and vertically. while upc, linear barcode, encode data into horizontal bars and space. qr code has a larger data capability in same size than upc barcode. however, large data capability requires powerful data decoding software. this qr code decoder is working nice!

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