Quality parameters selection for Agile projects

By amulay ·
Which quality parameters are best for Agile Projects in Software industry.

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In Agile, quality is intrinsic

by Gast?n Nusimovich In reply to Quality parameters select ...

Agile processes, like Extreme Programming, have quality as a major driver or force.

In Agile, everything you do is done with quality in mind. For instance, Test Driven Development: You develop the the Unit Test First, then you develop as much code as possible to pass the test, the you add another UT and so on and so forth.

Along with this, you develop your scripts to automate the execution of all xUnit tests, and then the scripts of all the builds, in sequence.

When you have a change in requirements, you have all your automated tests to make should that the change in code does not "break" anything that was working: you have your integration testing at your hand, capable of running at any moment.

You should think Agile from within, not from without: you do not "take metrics" of quality in Agile, you actually put quality into the process.

I hope that this could be of help.

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