By brownstar.ravi ·
how can i break bios password in windows xp loded computer

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Take it to Computer Repair Shop

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to query

Produce proof that you actually own this computer and let them crack any installed Password. If this system is a XP Pro and you where using Windows Encrypted File System the repairer needs to know this or they will destroy your Encryption Key when they use the easy method of breaking Passwords.

So they not only need to know how the system was setup and what configuration it was running in but also that you actually own it so you'll need to produce some proof for the latter as there are Legal Issues to be considered because if they break passwords for a computer that is stolen they become Accessories After The Fact and are far more likely to do jail time that the person who either stole it or received it.


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Bios Password reset

by naguyakkala In reply to query

You can disable the bios password by reset the CMOS bettery.

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i don't think flashing the bios or removing cmos battery...

by sgt_shultz In reply to query

will help. but you could try.

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I agree...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to i don't think flashing th ...

All you may achieve is resetting the BIOS to factory settings while leaving the password intact.

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I disagree

by jason-chladek In reply to I agree...

I have reset BIOS passwords many times by simply removing th CMOS battery and then re-inserting it.

BIOS settings are reset but the password for BIOS is also reset in this process.

However some motherboards and BIOS manufacturers might have funtions in place to prevent this from occuring

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