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By kathik ·
How to Split the Microsoft Word Document pages?
pls sent the Sample codings.

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Thanks to Abbas Zawawi (and google)

by WGS In reply to Query?

A pagebreak is nothing more then a special ASCII character. Use the CHR (Character) Function to insert.

Some of the more commonly used ASCII codes:
Chr(9) = tab
Chr(11) = manual line break (shift-enter)
Chr(12) = manual page break
Chr(13) = vbCrLf (return)
Chr(14) = column break
Chr(30) = non-breaking hyphen
Chr(31) = optional hyphen
Chr(32) = space
Chr(34) = quotation mark
Chr(160) = nonbreaking space
For more see also "Chr$" under VBA Help.

USAGE EXAMPLE: Selection.TypeText text:=Chr(12)

see: www.jojo-zawawi.com/code-samples-pages/code-samples.htm

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by peregrine In reply to Thanks to Abbas Zawawi (a ...

Thanks to JoJo Zawawi -- that's my page, not his.

Glad it helped ! That page started out as a cheat sheet back when I was programming macros, years ago.

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