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    Query for GNS 3 users


    by steelejedi4 ·

    Well i
    I downloaded the GNS 3 package to study for CCNP, it launches fine. I can actually configure routers 1 and sometimes router 2, the only question I have is.
    Why does it loose connection with the default server and never reappear? The message I get are
    Router 1 connection lost with
    Router 2 connection lost with
    Router 3 connection lost with
    I believe these are the pre-established IP and port addresses for the software, I have asked for clarification of this problem from the GNS 3 team, but I am still awaiting an answer. It does not matter how many times I uninstall and re-install it I still get the same messages when I try to run it. Anybody got any ideas out there as to how to resolve this matter?

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      by steelejedi4 ·

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        Request for Clarification

        by robo_dev ·

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        What OS?

        Sometimes personal firewall applications or anti-virus apps interfere with applications that establish their own connections.

        Windows has some features such as dead-gateway-detection that disables interfaces with invalid gateways.

        Are you running the app with administrator level access (runas administratrator).

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