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    Query regarding music in-app purchasing, and the best method to achieve it

    by skywalker184 ·


    Hi, I am currently working on a new music sharing/gifting app, and need some advice regarding the music licensing/distribution of music/music library issues; and potentially to work with a company to help me develop the product.

    Here’s a brief description of the process I require. A customer would search a music library; choose a small selection of songs (10-20); Do some personalisation, pictures, extra voice notes, text etc; The songs they chose would be bundled together into one solid audio file (to make it non pirate-able); the price to the customer would be based on how many songs they choose; the customer then pays and chooses an email or post address to send the gift too; we would then email or post this music gift to the person of their choice (friend, loved one etc) either on a USB or digitally; if they chose digital the gift would open in our player by use of a code; if by USB a player, would pop up on their computer screen when it was inserted.

    Just wondered if you had an idea of the best way to go about this. Maybe some sort of iTunes/spotify Storekit would do. Maybe I need to register with music license agencies like ASCAP which would give me access to a library that I could sell? Maybe use Spotify so it would always work as a streamed product but from the back end so the customer never sees the Spotify skin. Maybe I need to become an official Distributor?

    If you have any information regarding what would be the best option, or any way to point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

    Many Thanks
    Luke Walker

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