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Query regarding sqlloader

By nayana.chavda ·
Hi All,
I need to be able to write some plsql that will do the following:
plsql procedure or function that traverses more than 1 csv file looping through the filenames in a directory.

In another plsql i do a select on the filename from a table and it returns me a value: *q.csv.

I would then need to use this value to traverse a directory : G:\apps\odss\home\devl\inc to be able to pickup the files with the filnames that match the value from the table (*q.csv).
I would then need to run each file through a csv reader procedure(I already have this) thanks to sdstuber.
So once I get the filename I pass it into the csv reader procedure. Once that file has been read than I would do the next one and so on and so on.

Can you please help me with this problem.

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If I understand correctly

by marv732 In reply to Query regarding sqlloader

What you really need now is a way to get the list of files that match the wildcard from the OS?

If you a running an older version of Oracle you will need to use extproc (external process) which you can search for on
If you are using a current version (10g or later) then use a directory object and the scheduler to allow access to the OS.


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