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3 locations in the registry that contain CLSID keys?

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Have not the slightest idea. Registry?? Linux???

by tgunn In reply to question

Kinda funny. I never did any ?phone? support. I think we know why. I did bunches of UHF/SHF design. I *did* use a computer. Filled out time sheets. We had a pretty mean game machine in the skunk works. (Our cute name for the back room.)

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by tgunn In reply to Have not the slightest id ...

Good. Got lots of brains online. Has anyone figured out how to get VNC (remote control) package to work on a VISTA box?

My wife?s computer came with that OS. She?s pretty happy with it -- Great for playing cards...

I prefer Win 3.1. MS took a giant leap backwards in the marketing dept. when they uncorked VISTA...

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How the Windows Registry Works

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