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    1. how to take data backup of microsoft outlook
    & configure it ?
    2. how to join a fresh window (2000pro)loaded pc
    to the domain ?
    3. what is active directory?

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      I’ll answer in reverse order.

      3. Active Directory, simply, is a centralized database of network resources — resources such as User Accounts, Security Groups, Shared disk directories, Shared Printers, etc.

      Active Directory, specifically, is Microsoft’s implementation of such a centralized network database, like Novell Directory Services (NDS).

      Without a central network database like Active Directory or NDS, you would need to configure all users on each workstation of your network in order to control security and access, but with Active Directory, each workstation contacts the central database for user accounts and resources and security (access) settings.

      2. Joining a W2K Pro workstation to the AD is done by going to the System Properties on the workstation (Control Panel / System), go to the Computer Name tab and click the Change… button. Fill in the name of the domain to join and you will be prompted for Administrator credentials on the domain.

      1. It really depends on how Outlook is configured, i.e. whether it is exchange connected or using a .pst file. If not exchange connected, then locate the .pst file or .pst files, and back up these files. The .pst files hold the entire Outlook message folder hierarchy, and are typically located in docs and settings/username/local settings/application data/microsoft/outlook/

      This will back up the Outlook DATA, but not the mail account settings; I have not found a good way to back up the settings, perhaps someone else can follow up with a method for backing up Outlook mail account settings.

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