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    Question 1-5
    1).In your own understanding,how would you define illegal hacking?

    2).How would you differentiate illegal hacking from the simple internet surfing?

    3).What is the importance of the etiquette n using the computer or the internet?

    4).As a professional, are you concern about illegal hacking? Why is that so?

    5).Can you give one posible law agains illegal hacking? Explian this law.

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      by bamster_89 ·

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      by dspeacock ·

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      It sounds as if you’ve been given a test question, and you’re asking the members here to answer it for you.

      1) illegal pretty much says it all
      2) one of them is legal
      3) self explanatory
      4) yes…because it’s illegal
      5) yes…not enough room here

      Hope this helps

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        He just wants us to do his homework

        by mr.wiz ·

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        for him. Sounds pretty lazy to me.

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