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By roypabitraaec ·
i have a question regarding your tech point.i am
a member of tech republic but my tech point is now
only 5.How should i update my tech point as previous.pls give a response as soon as possible.

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by john.a.wills In reply to question?

answer someone's question. You get points too when you sign in, I think.

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by TheChas In reply to question?

Rate answers and close questions you have asked.

You earn 1000 points for every question you close.


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by deepsand In reply to question?

You currently have 4 other questions open.

1) Rate the Answers that you've already received; more than 1 Answer can be Rated as Satisfactory.

2) Then, Close those Questions that have been resolved. You will then receive 1000 Points for each of the Questions Closed.

3) DO NOT Rate Answers which were helpful as being Un-Satisfactory. Not only is such dishonest, but is unnecessary for getting your 1000 Points.

PS. You do NOT get points merely for posting an Answer to another's Question; you receive Points from another only if your Answer if Rated as having been Satisfactory.

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