Question about Certain folders and Files

By haxdnoob ·
I'm asking here about certain folders that have a mass of files, one of which is C:\Windows\Installer. In the Installer directory, it has about 6 GB of files, and I have no idea what these are for. Also I'm curious about C:\Windows\winsxs, and if it also affects my computer in some way

My main question is this: can I delete the files and folders in the Installer folder safely without my computer going B.S.O.D on me, or is it un-needed. And if some of the files can be deleted, is there some tool which can help me in that regard?

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Easy answer is No & No

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Question about Certain fo ...

You should leave the Install Folder in Windows alone though it will not cause the system to BSOD but it may very well prevent software loading by removing files from that folder.

As for a piece of Software to delete unnecessary folders or files there is nothing I would trust not to cause more problems than they fix.

Not really sure why you want to delete these files anyway but if you must then look at the Uninstall Files in the Windows Folder though that will most likely prevent you removing installed software and the Temp Folder in the Windows Folder which can be emptied fairly safely.


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