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question about configuring RAID and additional drive in Win7

By hart5441 ·
I just got a new machine from Cyberpower running a GA-X58A-UD5 w/ i7-960. It was built to have 6 port on the intel raid controller, 2 on Marvell sata3/raid controller, and 2 on a Gigabyte raid controller. I have two hitachi 1tb sata drives set up as raid 1, with the os, cyberpower configured working fine. I have two 1tb wd caviar black sata drives from my old xp based machine. When I first installed them on the marvell controller one came up as my e: drive and I copied off my old stuff that I wanted to keep. Next I moved the wires onto the intel controller and I proceeded to configure them as a second volume. I could not get win7 to recognize them as an additional drive, say e:. I un-raided them and neither came up as e: or F: although the os does see them and the intel raid software wants me to add them as spare drives if there is a failure. Help! I would like to add an additional raid 1 volume as my e: drive or if that cannot be done, I would like to add an E: and F: drive on any of these controllers. I would be appreciative if someone could give me a hint, point to an article, or just plain let me know. Ive spent two days trying all combinations and bios configurations and have found a lot of solutions that don't work.
thank you.

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