Question about having a Static IP address

By Juha Bach ·
My boss wants us to have a static IP address that will remain active regardless if the internet or power goes out. It's for one of our remote agents. I'm not super knowledgeable in networking and as far as I am aware he'll need a computer managing this connection that is turned on 24/7 with internet access. Are there any services that offer a solution?
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Most ISP's sell static IP address

by zacktzeng In reply to Question about having a S ...

Static IP is just the kind of IP address that isn't dynamically given, ie by DHCP server. Whoever knows your static IP will be able to communicate with whichever device you assign the static IP to. You can contact your current internet service provider and ask to purchase a static IP. You will need the MAC address of that device, though. You can find the MAC address of the device from the network card (device manager).

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