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By Y2J ·
I have a HP Proliant DL380 server with 6 x 36GB. Can I replace each harddisk 1 by 1 with a bigger harddisk capacity like 72GB (ensuring each replaced harddisk have rebuild completely). So eventually the server is 6 x 72GB. In this way I get a server with bigger capacity & there is no migration to be done.

Will this work. Thanks.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Question about hradware r ...

I think, if using RAID 5, then it will use 36GB of the 72GB drive to ensure that the RAID 5 is consistent. Otherwise you will have to start a new RAID 5 with the new size.

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by scott_heath In reply to RAID

I have never done this because I haven't needed to since I got the servers to try it, but my server buddies from long ago used to love Compaq RAID controller because Dell PERCs wouldn't do it.

They said you could pull one drive at a time, let it rebuild the array, then swap another. This sort of process will slow your system down so I would recommend doing it over night. Once they are all replaced you should be able to build a new volume on the extra space.

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DL380, what Generation?

by Churdoo In reply to Question about hradware r ...

You can do what you're suggesting, from I think the RAID controller in G3 and up. Before starting, I would upgrade the controller firmware (actually all server firmware) to the latest available from HP.

Also, once you've replaced the last disk and the array has rebuilt for the last time, (I agree with the prior suggestion for letting the rebuild go overnight) you'll have the options to either EXTEND the existing array or create a new array in the new space.

If you're trying to expand your existing hard disk volume in your O/S, you'll want to EXTEND the existing array, but you'll still be faced with the problem of expanding the disk volume(s) in your O/S. Is this a Windows O/S? i.e. right now looking in Disk Manager, your volumes are sitting on an approximately 165GB disk; after you extend the existing array, you'll see your same size volumes, with lots of empty space now on an approximately 330GB disk. Your disk volumes defined in your O/S will not automatically expand when you extend the array.

So now if you're using a windows O/S, AND you have at least 2 existing volumes with one as your system volume, then you can expand your non-system volume with DISKPART, but you can't expand your system volume.

Therefore I'd suggest using a server grade partitioning software like Acronis Disk Director to complete the job of expanding the volumes for your O/S.

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Good Post

by scott_heath In reply to DL380, what Generation?

Excellent additional information! Since I don't believe anyone has said it yet, although it always bears repeating: Make sure you have a VERIFIED complete backup! Nothing is for sure in the world of computing and the last thing you want is to end up with a horrible catastrophe.

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