Question about Mac OS X, bootcamp, windows virus

By normhaga ·
I know pretty much nothing about OS X, so I have a question regarding a friends MAC.

Troy has a late model Mac and is using Leopard. Troy would like to use Bootcamp to run a few Windows based programs, I believe also that he will surf the web under Windows.

The question, which I cannot answer, is does Troy need to run a Windows based firewall/anti-virus in this configuration?

I also have a question that I believe will come up in time. Will Parrallels or VMware do a better job than bootcamp?

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Ask something easy why don't you Norm.

by OH Smeg In reply to Question about Mac OS X, ...

As for using Bootcamp on Leopard as this will create a Virtual Computer running Windows there shouldn't be a need to running a Firewall but I would still use a AV Product. Just to prevent any problems with the running Virtual Windows. The firewall though shouldn't be necessary as Leopard will look after itself.

Personally I would be looking at VMWare as apposed to Bootcamp myself but then to each their own as if they have a preferred piece of software that always works better for that person no matter what else happens.


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Thank you.

by normhaga In reply to Ask something easy why do ...

There are two unfortunates here; first Troy knows nothing about OS X, second, neither do I.

I went to his home yesterday after a feww weeks of requests and sat at his terminal. It took a while but I eventually found a ?command line and system preferences. I quicly typed in a linux command - what a surprise. After a few seconds of thought of HEY, this d**n thing is based on BSD, I typed bash and came up with a bash shell.

After a little digging around, I found that I really was out of my depth. SO, it was time for a few questions. Looking to the future, I decided to let his past determine what he would like for the future which is why the questions about VMWare.

Thank you for your help.

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