Question about McAfee

By haxdnoob ·
Anyways, my dad runs a desktop computer, which its hardware specs I have forgotten about, but he runs a 64 bit version of windows 8, and he installed McAfee on it, but it has something I find curious: Vulnerability Scanner.

This apparently scans the computer for any programs and stuff that need updating, downloads said updates, and installs them seamlessly. My computer runs a 32 bit version of windows vista home premium, and im wondering, is that Vulerability Scanner thing a windows 8 exclusive, or is it possible for me to get it also. I know I might not need it at all, but considering that the update checkers I got are more or less freeware options (but of course, don't cover as far as this little McAfee tool can apparently), I want this; is it possible to get it?

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Did it cross your mind to go to the McAfee web site?

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Question about McAfee

I mean, "SRSLY", dude...since the vulnerability scanner is part of the McAfee Security Suite, if I were interested in McAfee I think going straight to the horse's mouth would be the thing to do. McAfee security suite is not free, so borrow your dad's credit card, unless your ISP may perchance provide McAfee as a service (some ISPs have started doing that, some provide Norton).

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I did think of it

by haxdnoob In reply to Question about McAfee

I did think of going to McAfee, but I got no effing idea what to search for; sure I could just search for "Vulnerability Scanner", but when I tried searching for it on bing, it DID lead me to a help file thing telling me HOW it works, how to work it, but now WHERE to get it. And also, my dad got McAfee Total Protection for all of us (us being the family: me, mom, and himself), and its fully updated to the latest of what it can. But yet, in all of the updates, I have not seen hide nor hair of the Vulnerability Scanner option. Sure there's the option for the SiteAdvisor, but that's only for those who want their children to not go on sketchy websites and I don't need that. Look, me find it alright, I tried McAfee, and I can't find it; can you people try?

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maybe this is what you're talking about ??

by PurpleSkys In reply to Question about McAfee
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Part of Other Security Software Too

by TheChas In reply to Question about McAfee

Update notification is included with other security software and not just McAfee.

The version of AVAST I use checks the status and notifies me when I need to install updates.

However, I don't believe that either software package is continually scanning for updates.

Most likely a central server (like the one that sends out the AV definition updates) has a database of software versions for key programs that are known to have a potential for security risks. When a new version or update is posted, the server triggers the software update program to check if you have the latest version of the software installed. The software update program then checks the software hive of the registry to verify what versions of software are installed and will either update the software, or notify you that there is a software update available.


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