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question about motherboards

By h_raffi ·
i asked this question in hardware part but i no body answered me with good answer

Recently I used motherboard PX915-2V 1.0
with : cpu 3000-L1
hdd 80 GB Samsung
Ram 512 DDR 2
Display card 7300 GS 128

But I had a problem with this board, it is when I remove ( memory or cpu fan or display card) the alarm of the mother board is not working ( not beeping continually ) , the spaker of the case is working when the computer start ( beeping )but the motherboard working noramly
I tried to change the motherboard with same kind of chip albatron board the same problem is in the second board so I am asking you about this problem and if it normal or not and how can solve this problem

Best regards
Raffi Hindoyan

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by CG IT In reply to question about motherboar ...

If I read your question right, what you want to know is why the motherboard alarm does not work if you remove the CPU, memory or display card.

I'm not sure which alarm you are refering to. If you mean the BIOS option for open case alarm, the case itself has to have a latch which supports BIOS open case alarm.

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by Nilt In reply to question about motherboar ...

Without looking up that specific motherbaord, I'd suspect there's one of those annoying "voice alarm" settings in the BIOS that plays errors via the main speakers if present. If so, disable it and see what you get. I've found those "voice errors" very unreliable on most boards.

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by saihib In reply to question about motherboar ...

That board has a chassis intrusion sensor. It's not supposed to sound an alarm when you pull a card out of a slot.

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