Question about my current job and a prospective new job.

By jmf777 ·
Hello All,

About 3 1/2 months ago I got a job as a helpdesk associate supporting a growing baseline. The job isn't really a help desk job currently just answering Requests for information and such, but part of my job/ I was told to do is supporting the system administrator (I look into IAVM and update the baseline with patches and make/implement mitigation plans,etc. like a systems security analyst in a way), of a small baseline, who might retire within the next 2 years and is pretty much teaching me the ropes of his job for me to be a candidate to take his place. Today I was approached about an available help desk technician job in the Networking branch and was asked if I was interested, does't hurt to look into the job right? Only thing is I would give up one job thats teaching me some aspects of systems administration. For another to get real experience as a Help Desk Tech. (I am currently pursuing a degree in network administration)

Any advice, especially from people in management or those who have been in the IT world for a while would be much appreciated?

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Watch management

by unhappyuser In reply to Question about my current ...

You may be getting training for that position but it's doubtful you'll get. If you don't have a degree many in management will ignore you. You may know everything about the job but you'll probably be left to train your new boss, who will then can you for someone he/she knows. My suggestion is to take the new job.

I know this sounds very negative but I've been in IT for 20+ years with big companies, small companies and government. Not all places will do this but a majority do.

Good luck!


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Two thoughts

by robo_dev In reply to Question about my current ...

One is that the world is full of people who were led to believe that a certain job was 'theirs'.

This admin might bring his is snot-nosed nephew to replace him tomorrow, and you have to work for the dweeb.

Two, networking stuff is more fun and lucrative than general PC/server support.

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One thought

by santeewelding In reply to Question about my current ...

Approach your mentor. Explain your dilemma. Ask for the straight skinny.

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I asked him

by jmf777 In reply to One thought

My mentor was the lead network engineer/boss man about a year ago in the department I might be going to. He told me to take it as the knowledge I learn over there could me more useful depending how things go. He also told me if this goes any further to mention to my current manager that I could possibly do my current job and the other stuff at the same time to kind of help keep peoples ears open.

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