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    Question about my motherboard


    by notjusturavgboii ·

    I have a Dell Dimension 5150/E510 P4 Micro BTX Socket 775 Motherboard, Supports Intel Pentium 4 HT D Processors to 3.4 Ghz, with 1024Gb of DDR2 533 Mhz memory.

    I am very familiar w/ replacing computer parts and installing and upgrading, but I have never gotten into motherboard stuff before.

    I want to upgrade, but not sure what to be looking for… how do I know if something I see will fit in my current PC and if everything else works with it? Is there any tips or pointers, or websites I can refer too? Please help, I don’t want to buy the wrong part(s)!

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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Question about my motherboard

      OK this has a Intel 945G Chip Set M’Board you can only go one higher to the 955 Series Chip Set Intel M’Board and honestly this really isn’t worth the money.

      However if you wish to upgrade you can install a faster CPU. more RAM though with this M’Board the RAM has to be installed as 2 sticks you can not just add 1 stick and retain performance.

      What you’ll need to actually look at is the Back IO Plate and see if it’s a standard one if it is you can use any standard M’Board that is currently available though really you will not see much difference if any because the 945 and 955 Chip Sets are very similar.

      This is the site for the A Bit 775 M’Boards and they are slightly different as they have a heat sink in the back panel where normally you would only see the PS2, USB and other ports but these M’Boards come with a replacement IO Plate which just pushes in and locks in place so you can easily fir a replacement M’Board.

      Others are similar but the layout may vary slightly depending on the maker and some may even have a standard IO Back Plate. But it is the back plate that you need to look at if you can push out the existing one and it’s a rectangular item about 2 X 6 inches that’s a standard back plate.

      You’ll get better performance just be replacing the Video Card with something bigger and faster your current M’Board has a PCI Express X 16 slot on it which should already have a fitted Video Card which may be smaller than what you actually need. Depending on what you are doing the size of the video card varies for a general workstation a 256 MEG Video Card would be OK but if you want this as a High End Games Unit a 1 GIG Video Card would be a better option.

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        Reply To: Question about my motherboard

        by hal 9000 ·

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        If you want to change the CPU these are slightly different as you’ll need to turn the black slotted squarish tabs on the 4 corners through a 90 degree anticlockwise turn to release them from the M’Board and then you can lift off the Heat Sink & Fan, just be careful [b]Not To Touch[/b] the grey heat sink paste here as you will contaminate it and then you’ll have to totally clean up both the Heat Sink & CPU and apply new Heat Transfer Paste. The 775 Socket CPU have 2 slots in them so they can only go in one way and as there are no pins to bend they are easy to change but you still have to be careful when handling any CPU. All you need do to remove your existing CPU is to lift the locking lever on the side of the socket and then swing up the metal plate over the CPU and then you can lift out the CPU. You can fit one in the reverse order and if you are replacing the CPU use the Heat Sink that comes with the New CPU particularly if it’s a Dual Core as the Heat Sinks are different. When you have the CPU fitted all you need do is place the Heat Sink/Fan unit onto the M’Board and lightly push it down into place an then push down the 4 locking tabs on the corners of the Heat Sink and then plug in the fan to the header strip where the previous fan was plugged into.

        You’ll get an error message when you initially boot telling you that you have a different CPU fitted so you should go into BIOS and check that your new CPU is being read properly and then exit saving changes. You are now ready to go.

        If you change the Video Card you’ll be prompted to install the drivers for that Video Card and thee are on the CD that comes with the card all you should need do is insert the CD and the install program should run and install the necessary drivers and software and then you’ll be asked to reboot.


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        Reply To: Question about my motherboard

        by hal 9000 ·

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        Whoops I forgot to add that Chip Set Series used DDR2 RAM so any DDR 2 RAM will fit the M’Board though you need to change 2 sticks at a time and they need to be identical.

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      by fungus-among-us ·

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      Seems like you have a lot of researching to do.

      A good place to check are hardware websites, that have a forum. Lots of valuable information to be had. offers “guides” for those that need extra help. Hardware manufacturers also have support forums. is an awesome site and was directly responsible for my choice in buying a DFI product when I was looking to upgrade to the AMD 64 platform.

      I recall that DELL had an issue with ATX power supplies that didn’t “conform” to industry specs and many people fried their new (non Dell) motherboards by using a DELL power supply. Not sure about more recent DELLs, nor the BTX power supplies. Again, you have some researching to do. Check to see if Dell has their own support forums.

      Looking at your listed specs, the easiest thing for you to do is pop in the “Maximum” rated processor (3.4GHz – Pentium 4 “D”), if you want something else… you’ll have to determine what that is, and the supporting hardware that goes along with it.

      Just remember that *YOU* are responsible for your own actions. Everything that others tell you should be taken with a grain of salt, as ultimately, it is YOUR decision on what items you purchase and install.

      Good Luck

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      by acracker ·

      In reply to Question about my motherboard

      As I recall, the Dell website has a section that tells you all the hardware in your computer, you just have to enter the serial number of your machine. This is the site:

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