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By asbland ·
i have tried over and over again to put all my outlook information on a disk of I can transfer my work files to my home computer but everything time I do it it comes up with an error message, help!! I am trying to export 2 different contact list as welll as 2 different calendars.... any ideas

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by Oz_Media In reply to question about outlook...

You'd have to post the error message. and PC specs, which operating system, how much memory etc.

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by Black Panther In reply to question about outlook...

Is it a floppy disk? a flash drive?

Which files are you copying ie .pst?? etc

What are the file sizes you are trying to copy?

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by VinnyD In reply to question about outlook...

Do it this way.

1. Export the folders to a PST file on the C: drive

2. See how big the PST files is using Windows explorer.

3. If the file size is greater than 1.4MB you will need to compress the file using Winzip or PkZip to the floppy and uncompress the file when you get it home.

If you try and export direct to the floppy drive and there is not enough space, you will get error messages.

You can also try exporting just 1 contact list at a time, each one to a different floppy disk.

The same for the calendars.

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by amykong30 In reply to question about outlook...

Definitely save it to the C: drive to see how large the pst file is. You can then move it to a USB Jump Drive (flash) - they are available at many different storage capacities. If you don't have a jump drive you could also use the memory card from a digital camera. I have a USB card reader for the digital camera memory card (cost ~$15).

The other option is the break apart your contacts into (let's say) 4 contact lists so the size is more manageable, and export each of those contact lists to a separate pst file.

You can do something similiar with your calendar events, by using the filter feature while exporting - exporting those before a certain first, then those after a certain.

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by levitaj In reply to question about outlook...

to copy your personal folders find the *.pst files. I assume that if you access the right files and copy them you can transfer your Outlook files to another machine. You would have a real problem because you would have a different email address on another machine unless you were in the same domain.

Good Luck,
Jeff Levitan

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by Choppit In reply to question about outlook...

If you're talking about moving your .pst file(s) using a CD then it won't work. Outlook requires write access to the .pst file to open it. If this is the case, you need to copy the files to your hard drive and remove the 'read only' attribute.

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