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    Question Ethernet Ping Spikes but No Packet Loss

    by en_g_neer ·


    First time posting here, but haven’t found a solution online or on these forums anywhere yet.

    I’ll try to keep this short for brevity, but hit the main issues.

    Over the last 1-2 months, my download speeds started becoming inconsistent (200 mbps connection and will drop down to 10 occasionally) and I began experiencing occasional lag in-game.

    Computer is hard-wired to modem over ethernet (was previously hard-wired to router).

    Started running ping tests (primarily to Google, but also Cox), and I’m not getting nor have I been getting packet loss. That being said, Call of Duty, for example, is constant packet loss and lag in-game.

    Lag spikes in games generally correspond to higher latencies in the ping test when running concurrently (50-400 ms, but generally around 120ms).
    Latency spikes happen approx. once every 10 seconds.
    Got a new Docsis 3.1 modem from Cox today (previous was Docsis 3), and I’m still getting the same issues. I’m not even plugging into my router at all anymore.
    Latency spikes also seen from iPhone ping tests.

    Attempted solutions today: Reserved IP for desktop, tried DMZ for my desktop, but again, the spikes are seen on my iPhone over Wifi as well.

    Cable guy isn’t sure, checked local taps, no issues he could find. Can’t enter my house until further notice either (pandemic stuff obviously).

    I have a screenshot from a 3 hour latency monitoring test I will be posting below. Right now it won’t let me put the link in this post…

    Any other thoughts?

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