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By joshua_r_heller ·

I work in China, and the "IT" people here are driving me nuts trying to help me out, so I figured I should probably ask some homegrown American IT Gods because these guys here are useless. Please help!

So, I just got signed up for Internet service in my apartment after 6 months of bureaucratic nonsense (all b/c I wanted International dialing capabilities), and this guy comes in and hooks me up with an Alcatel ADSL Home PlusPlus 500 Modem. It plugs into a phone line which acts as my phone line and my internet connection. I also have a little nifty phone line splitter.

Anyway, to get hooked up into the Internet, I have to use PPOE w/ a username and password, and I'm pretty sure I have an assigned IP address at home that I can't change.

So, everything is going along well until I decide to modernize to a wireless router because I'm lazy and I've been sitting on a pillow in front of my wall socket because this cord is like 6 inches long.

So I go online and read all about routers and pick a Linksys 2.4 GHz 802.1gg "SpeedBooster" (Model #: WRT54GS). Looks fancy, so I got in it the mail today - so excited. I put in the install CD, and everything goes well, until...

Well, when I have my ethernet cable from the Alcatel modem plugged into my computer's Ethernet port, I'm able to connect to the Internet. The second I pull it out to try to put it into the "Internet" port on the wireless router, I lose my internet connection...and then the "Internet" LED light on the Linksys router doesn't light up, and the installation fails because the installation software isn't able to tell that I have my router hooked up properly (since there is no Internet connection). How do I rig this up so that when I pull out my Ethernet cable I still have a connection to the Internet?

Am I retarded? (Probably) Please help.

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Lets see here...

by JamesRL In reply to Question for the IT Gods

You need two ethernet cables, one between the PC and the router, one between the router and the modem.

The wireless aspect of the router is between the PC and the router, but if its like most, you connect with a cable to configure it. Then if you want to go wireless from there, you need a wireless device for your PC - could be a PCI Card or a USB device. Some newer laptops have it built in. But if the devices are close (router and PC) you are better off using a cable than going wireless. Get a longer ethernet cable - I use 25 foot.

PPPoE does not necessarily mean you have a fixed IP address. In most cases, a PPPoE connection means you connect to the internet, connect to a DHCP server which issues you an IP. When you shut down and restart your PC (or renew your address) you get a new one.


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by joshua_r_heller In reply to Lets see here...

Thanks James. I've got all my cables hooked up correctly and good to go with the wireless device on the PC.

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So it looks something like

by JamesRL In reply to Thanks

wall jack ----telephone cable-----modem---ethernet cable----router------ethernet cable---PC

Not sure about Linksys but I had to connect via ethernet to configure my router before wireless worked.


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You're not crazy - just the wrong gear and insufficient info

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Question for the IT Gods

to access the Internet via ADSL you need either of these two

A. A router / modem

B. A modem

With item A it has all the information placed in the router to open and control the connection - to make changes you have to log onto it with a password etc, usually via a web browser. With item B the information to do this is placed on the computer and it must be connected for the modem to work. Essentially unless the modem is connected to the computer directly it won't work as it has no control signals operating it.

Most modem routers have multiple Ethernet ports for connectivity by multiple sources.

If you want to go wireless you need to buy a wireless ADSL router / modem and use that instead of your existing system or buy an Ethernet modem / router and hook your wireless router up behind it. Your current equipment just isn't capable of doing what you want.

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Thanks Deadly

by joshua_r_heller In reply to You're not crazy - just t ...

Aha...I believe this may be the problem. This Alcatel Home PlusPlus 500 appears to be only a modem.

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Can you browse to the config of Alcatel Modem?

by taboga In reply to Question for the IT Gods

When you are connected hard-wire to the modem, you should be able browse to the config settings of your Alcatel Modem. I am not familiar with Alcatel modems, but there should be some config settings that will allow you to configure your modem for use with a wireless router.

You may have to go back and forth a few times browsing your modem and router to get the settings compatible. But I would first start with the config settings on the modem and work from there.

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Not necessarily

by JamesRL In reply to Can you browse to the con ...

My wireless router (Motorola) works fine with my DSL modem - and I have no access to any settings on the modem itself.

I did first connect to the wireless router through an ethernet cable before I could set it up for wireless.


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Guess - Cross Over Ethernet Cable?

by Wayne M. In reply to Question for the IT Gods

Just a guess, but if you are going router to router, you might need a cross over Ethernet cable.

If you have any documentation, you might see if there is a switch setting (or additional ports) on either the Alcatel or Linksys systems to switch the Ethernet connector configuration.

It's been a long time since I've worked with Ethernet hubs, so I would I appreciate someone else chiming in as to whether the cable type sounds like the culprit or not.

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by rahouseholder In reply to Question for the IT Gods

You didn't say if you configured the router to work with your DSL connection. You will still need to provide your account name and password before connecting. Here are the instructions for setting up your router...

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