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Does anyone know if the old DOS games "Humans" and "Humans 2" have ever been upgraded to run in Windows format and if a cheat sheet was ever developed?

I still have a CD ROM with both games, but my computer with Windows 95 (prehistoric, I know), is a tad under the weather. My new computer is running Windows XP so all my current games are OK, but I have such fond memories of playing Humans (stuck on level 79 when last played).

If anyone has any suggestions for solving my dilemma please let me know, or if I'm simply SOL in my hopes to once again help the cavemen evolve.

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Do you mean Destroy all humans(the game)????

by DanLM In reply to Question For The Trivia G ...

I found links all over the place on this... Amazon being one of them... If that is not the correct game, I apologize. ;o(


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It's possible to run 95 as a Virtual Machine within XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Question For The Trivia G ...

As I'm not a game player I'm not sure of the game or what it's actually called but with the free VM Ware you could install a Virtual 95 Computer into your XP computer and run the game from there.

It might be a bit slow depending on your XP computers Specifications but it still should work. M$ has Virtual PC 2007 available for download here

The list of technical stuff for Virtual Machine 2007 is located here


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maybe try?

by myg33ks In reply to Question For The Trivia G ...

Have you tried to right click the game.exe file? Under properties, then compatability, see if there may be an option to run it under Win95.

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