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Question for those who like Win 7 and Windows in general

By Deadly Ernest ·
Before I get to my trick question, I want to say a couple of things.

From wikipedia, a definition which is very good:


An Operating System (OS) is an interface between hardware and user which is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources of the computer that acts as a host for computing applications run on the machine. As a host, one of the purposes of an operating system is to handle the details of the operation of the hardware. This relieves application programs from having to manage these details and makes it easier to write applications.

end quote

I've been away from TR for a few weeks, mostly to do with research etc for a fiction book I'm writing. I return to find a flurry of articles and posts all in favour of Win 7 and they mostly say "look how great this thing in Win 7 is." Now that's OK, except just about everything being mentioned does NOT come under the heading above, in fact the majority of them are applications that have been built into Win 7 by MS, and thus cutting into the profits of the third party companies that write and sell better versions of those applications, while bloating out the operating system footprint and affecting its performance capabilities. Wasn't the inclusion of certain applications as part of the operating system install what lead to huge fines against MS in the past, because it affected other people's profits unfairly? Oh, well, let's move on.

Now, because all these applications come on the same DVD as the operating system they are being regarded as a useful and important part of the operating system itself, and touted as such.

The big question is - -

Since MS can put applications on the install DVD and say how great the OS is, can I tell people how great my SimplyMepis Linux is because the install DVD I bought for about $30.00 comes with such useful features / capabilities as a full office suite, CD/DVD burning, extensive graphic manipulation, music playing and ripping and editing, video playing and ripping and editing, PDF viewer and creator, text to speech and speech to text, file and hard drive back up process, file archiving and opening (like winzip), web browser, mail client, IM client, firewall, file management, address book, news reader, system monitoring, anti-virus, web page design and creation, fancy 3D desktop display features, drivers for ALL my hardware, and a swag more that I can't remember?


OK, I admit it, I got p'd off by all the posts saying how great the OS was simply because MS had stuffed another application inside it - so I'm saying what you get with Linux - for all those who don't really know - as a way of balancing it out.

I'd rather see a post that says something great about the operating system itself, like 'How it works well on older hardware' - yeah never happen, I know; or, how compatible it is with third party software written for earlier versions of Windows, whoops, another never happen. Sheet, what can they say? Oh play up the fancy pretties most people don't care about, which is what they're doing. Hmm, sad really, isn't it?

Oh, I feel so much better to get rid of all that angst.

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I agree with you on that

by .Martin. In reply to Question for those who li ...

the amount of articles describing how fantastic this new feature on windows 7 is, and how it is going to change my life, (thinking about it, it reminds me of late night infomercials).

that's why I no longer read anything with windows 7 in the title... (apart from this one )

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I like win 7 ' s new feature

by Saraline In reply to Question for those who li ...

touch screen options, hand writing recognition, and DirectX 11. etc.

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And some of those features require new hardware to work

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I like win 7 ' s new feat ...

if you go and buy the proper hardware, they usually give you suitable software with it to make it work even better than Win 7 will.

However, none of these 'features' are parts of the OS or what should be in an OS. Adding most of these features is kind of like making a new family car with the engine from a huge Mack truck, placing a huge tray on the back and then saying 'Great, see how much extra carry room I now have.' Better to just get a trailer to hook up only as needed.

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by dawgit In reply to I like win 7 ' s new feat ...

Did and still does touch screen, as does Linux. Both are in use as POS terminals.
Handwriting Recognition, yup, been around awhile, and yup also done on Linux.
DirectX ??? unnecessary if you don't use Windows.
So, your point is?
It's just another OS.

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The big answer is

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Question for those who li ...

"... can I tell people how great my SimplyMepis Linux is because the install DVD I bought for about $30.00 comes with such useful features / capabilities as ..."

I don't see why not. I'd mention that you paid for the DVD only for convenience, and that you could have downloaded the OS and most of the apps for free if you'd wanted.

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by Robert Przybylowicz In reply to The big answer is

I can read all the small print now with the magnifier . I just love that thing.

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Although I'm a Windows user

by Tink! In reply to Question for those who li ...

I totally hear what you're saying. I think people are coming to EXPECT all the extras with Windows as an integral part of Windows. The delusion continues to grow so that most users don't know that these features they find useful really are not a part of the OS.

Personally I could give a darn about hopping to the next version of Windows as soon as it is released. They seem to take away the things I use (or bury them) and add things on that I don't give a hoot about.

Things were nice when you knew exactly what applications did what and you didn't have to figure out what Windows could do for you.

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What people expect is...

by dawgit In reply to Although I'm a Windows us ...

That Windows is an integral part of a computer.
"It's a computer, of course it's windows, silly" told to me by a woman using a terminal with a big <s>silly</s> sweet penguin displayed on her screen. :)

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Sure you can

by JamesRL In reply to Question for those who li ...

But until you match the ad budget of Microsoft you are XXXXXXing in the wind.

I ran a dual boot XP Vista system for a while. XP handled my old games better, Vista had too much overhead. But my wife and kids like the "useability" of Vista more than XP.

When the "new" version of the game I play a lot came out, I waited till a few others had some experience playing it on Win 7 64 bit. The game ran kinda slow on XP.

So I bought from a friend a newer computer, that had XP on it, and upgraded it to Windows 7 64 bit. I moved some devices from my old comp, like the video and sound cards, the inkjet printer etc.

It was clean, I needed to do no extra work, everything functioned fine without tweaking, with one exception. I now have a 64 bit version as well as 32 bit version of IE, and if I chose the 64 bit, it doesn't work with Adobe Flash, so no You tube. I can live with that, I just launch the 32 bit and go. NO problems at all with software written in the XP era. None, zip zilch. They run faster. Its all good.

I'm certainly no big MS fanboy, I used to prefer Macs, and I've played with Unix and Linux.

But don't take it personally that Windows remains the people's choice. We all know the people aren't always right....


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I like Win7's "Dump this OS" button...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Question for those who li ...

Meaning, I hear that it folds up into a WinXP license if that's what you want.

Pricey though ]:)

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