Question- HP Elite Processor (bad processor??))

By Saja ·
I am about to purchase a new HP Computer.
BUT--- There is much talk about problems with the HP i7 Processor for the New HP Elite Computers.
Please see: or do a search on Youtube for Class action law suite for HP Computers.
Also see
I am looking at the HP Elite e9270f Computer, but there is so much bad talk and HP is not responding about the problem a lot of people are having with this issue.
Would you please ask Mary Jo Foley?? She is the very "BEST" if possible.
Many thanks,

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Well the problems here are not related to the CPU's being used

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Question- HP Elite Proces ...

They however could be related to low quality M'Boards, Poor Quality power Supplies or shoddy RAM that HP uses with these systems.

Personally I do not trust the Big Makers and buy White Boxes for my personal use if I can not build my own.

That way I get to chose the best components with the best Warranty and am not governed by shoddy hardware that the Big Makers need to flog off to meet Sales Quoter's.

I have built several systems with Gigabyte M'Boards, Intel i7 CPU's, Corsair RAM and Antec Power Supplies and never had a single problem with any. These things fly along and are currently the fastest things available if they are properly configured when you build them.

The i7 M'Boards from Gigabyte have Triple Chanel RAM and as a result you need to install 3 identical RAM Modules to get the best performance out of the systems. Corsair has special Matched Sets of RAM Modules for these M'Boards.


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Sorry I had wrong URL, Please listen and watch

by Saja In reply to Question- HP Elite Proces ...
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What exactly is your point ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sorry I had wrong URL, Pl ...

The world and his wife already knows about the previous class action law suits and how HP lost. The motherboards used by HP were suspect back then and would appear to still be suspect now.

The CORE i7 is NOT made by HP so if that is the processor you have set your heart on, why are you wanting one that is fitted inside a computer manufactured by a suspect Company?

Watching almost 10 minutes of video won't change the facts.

Have a look for an alternative computer.

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So the point is what exactly?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sorry I had wrong URL, Pl ...

I watched the video here

and besides being a case of Sour Grapes it sounds like normal HP business to me.

I should add that HP doesn't make the CPU or M'Board or for that matter anything in these computers they are made from parts made by different makers and assembled for HP who then act as a agent to sell them.

The most likely problem here is to do with the M'Board which is probably faulty and needs replacing or a Undersized Heatsink on the CPU which was called for by the HP Designers because it's cheaper, but as HP buy thousands of these things at a single time and buys Specials which are only made for them you get exactly what you pay for.

Cheap Shoddy Rubbish that may or may not actually work as you expect it to.

If there is a problem with any single component HP has to negotiate with that supplier who can then claim that proper Static Control Procedures are not followed in the place where these systems are assembled so things get messy till the situation is resolved.

Needless to say riding some nontechnical person over this achieves nothing and expecting a Fix to come out of Thin Air is not only stupid but if anything shows just how Unreasonable the person making that request actually is.

The person in the Video that you refereed to must be Completely Stupid if they actually expect anything better and the bit that I liked was the talk about reading from a script. If they dealt with any First Tier Help Desk in any form they would know that is exactly what is happening as the person that they are talking to is reading the Cued Responses as they enter data into a computer to solve a problem. They are Not Technical People they are Data Entry Staff who Do Not know the internal workings of computers but may be very senior at the business so they know how things work in that business but Nothing Technical. So they are unable to return phone calls till a solution is found, demanding that they do only causes problems when they can not provide an answer that the end user wants to hear.

I would suggest to the person wasting so much time that you seem to think needs attention and is a Good Case Study that they pack up the system in the box/s that it came in and return it as They are too stupid to have let alone use a Computer. that solves their problem straight away.

As for any others who are considering this model it may be fine after whatever it is, is fixed but until that happens you have to expect poor performance and Data Loss.

As any negations between HP and their Suppliers/Builders are in Commercial Confidence HP are unable by Law to acknowledge any possible problems let alone what remedies are possible. After these negations are finished and who pays for what is sorted out HP can then offer a Statement/Acknowledge the Issue but not before.

It sounds to me as if you actually have one of these units and want it fixed Immediately to the way that you want it to work which is not possible. HP can do nothing till a solution is reached and then can start to do something but till then you just have to Suck It and See.

After all if you paid what one of these systems should really cost instead of the Massive Discount Prices that HP Charge you may have a valid complaint but when you buy something rediciously cheap you can not complain when it has issues that will eventually get sorted.

I don't like HP one little bit but in this case it's the People not HP who are in the wrong and HP is not doing anything wrong yet. I actually feel sorry for the unreasonable way that HP is being portrayed here and the Stupid waste of time being directed to Senior Management. And that comes from someone who refuses to deal with any HP Product as they are cheap nasty less than 400 th rate junk. And that is only the better stuff that they market just after they buy it and before redesigning and ruining it.

If I ever have a product that is bought out by HP in use I withdraw it from use and scrap it before it fails as once it does I know exactly what to expect from HP a new replacement piece of junk that may last as long as the Original Warranty but not much longer and no support after the Original Warranty ends. It's also very unlikely to work with existing equipment so it's useless for what it is replacing.


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Reply added to my Youtube URL

by Saja In reply to Question- HP Elite Proces ...

I have heard of this before and not sure, But I have noticed that these HP PC,s are problematic with the processors.
Why isn,t HP responding?? Tp Class action suit?
Many Thanks,

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Why should HP respond?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reply added to my Youtube ...

In any action like this it's up to the Complaints to prove their Case not the Defendant to admit guilt or otherwise.

HP or at least their Legal Department would have to have Rocks in their Heads to even acknowledge this in any manner except admitting that some court documents have been filed after they are presented to HP by the Courts and they will defend the action vigorously.

Edited to add If you think that the Legal System is there to protect you, you are living in Ga Ga Land. It's just a game to everyone concerned in the Legal System that they play to win.


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HP/Intel processors

by Saja11 In reply to Why should HP respond?

Thank you for your response.
No I do not have a HP Computer like the ones described. I am just trying to get some information about them for future purchase.
Sorry to "bother" you, I did not mean to sound like I was dumb, just asking a question thats all.
Isn,t that what thes forums are for?
Thank you for your replys anyway.

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I think it fair to say you had already assumed HP to blame..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HP/Intel processors

But for all the wrong reasons.

You were of the impression that the i7Core was made by HP, and that was an illusion requiring to be cleared up.

However, if your view of future computer purchase is solely aimed at HP, I fear you may be flogging a dead horse. If you already know of problems with a company - why insist that said company should fix their problems?

You, as the purchaser, have the power of your wallet at your disposal. You are not tied to any one supplier of computer components. Look elsewhere with confidence, rather than fight a battle you have yet to enter.

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Thank you for your reply

by Saja11 In reply to I think it fair to say yo ...

Yes, I think what you are saying is true.
I have all HP computers runing XP Svc Pk 2, HP printers etc.
I was looking to update but this I will have to do later, HP has its problems like all the rest.
But thats part of this whole Computer experience isn,t it?
Just curious,--- do you like Dell??
But, thank you for your time, just want to purchase something that works for a while like what I have now. Windows 7 not too impressed with either, but what the heck.
I thank you for your information and really "laying it on the line" so to speak.
Saja in New Hampshire USA

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Many years ago when I was working my way through Uni

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you for your reply

I fixed sewing machines. There I heard so many complaints about a particular brand and I couldn't believe that those who where the vocal complainers would trade in one machine for another from the same maker and expect a better product.

Isn't the definition of Insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome? But then again maybe I just don't understand people at all. If I had a failed product I wouldn't buy another from that supplier hoping that it may work when the one it's replacing didn't.

Computers are not made by HP, Dell, Gateway and so on they are resellers of product and like all Big Business but cheap and sell expensive. They are not interested in selling Cutting Edge Systems but making as much money as possible for as little as possible outlay.

To that end I buy Custom Systems that I either make myself or that I can have altered to my specifications and not rely on what someone else who makes a Scot look like a Spend Thrift thinks I need.

HP or for that matter any of the big resellers are not interested in selling the Best just what they can flog off onto the stupid buyers who know no better. As such those who buy from these places get exactly what they deserve.

There isn't any of the Big Resellers who are any better than the others but it is the Component Makers who live and die by their products so if they get a bad batch of faulty Capacitors they fix this very quickly and then sue the supplier who sold them junk. Then you have places like Antec who specialize in the High End hardware and only make the best possible. So if you look at a Antec PS and compare it to a HP PS the Antec one costs 3 times as much. The HP on the other hand isn't going to offer the level of protection to the components inside the case as a Antec one will but then again if a Severe Surge comes in over the mains to HP it's acceptable destroying a entire computer and loosing Data than it is to destroy a Power Supply and only need to replace it to have a working system again.

HP like all of the rest of the Big Resellers are not technicians but Valve Jockeys who change parts till it works hopefully as this is cheaper for them to hire someone handy with a license who can drive out pickup one item and drop off another than it is to employ Technicians who fix things.

You need to ask yourself what's Important to me? Is it a cheap price that is way below Market Value of a Stable safe system to use? I had a system that was hit by a 33KV Spike when a tree fell onto the Overhead mains and brought a 33,000 V High Tension Line into contact with the mains. This spread 33KV over the neighborhood and destroyed everything but the computers that I had supplied to one business. In that case it saved them several million $ in not needing to send every HDD from the workstations away to be recovered when they had been killed by this spike. Of all of their systems the 3 that they bought from the Big Resellers where completely dead cost 56K per drive to recover was not covered by Insurance, and the ones that I supplied needed a new PS at a cost of about $100.00 which was covered by the insurance and they where working again. Of the Big Resellers Products they waited 2 months to have these replaced by the Insurance Company and paid about 30 times their value to recover their data.

You work out which is the cheapest when things don't go as expected.


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